Friday, May 30, 2014

While momma and daddy are away....

the girls will play (or sunbathe apparently)

My mom took the girls to the splash pad and I got this picture and just laughed.  Julianne thinks she is a movie star or something!  And Claire is tired!
 Being fabulous is hard work!

 Hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer as much as these girls are!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last day of Kindergarten!

Julianne had her last day of Kindergarten today.  Shaun and I are out of town which just breaks my heart.  We hadn't planned on being out of town on the last day but school got extended because of all the snow we got this year.  So, we had already purchased our tickets to Las Vegas for a medical conference that Shaun is attending.  I felt awful for not being there on her last day but she didn't seem to care.  Both of my parents went so she was happy!

This is Julianne's teacher, Mrs. Culver.  She loves Mrs. Culver.  Julianne has learned so much this year.  Mrs. Culver has been great to us through the difficult year we've had due to my treatments, surgeries, etc.  She's been so great.  We are blessed to have people like this loving on our girl.  Julianne cried when she said goodbye to her.  
 Julianne with two of her sweet friends (and Claire)!
 How is Kindergarten over?  That happened in the blink of an eye.
 Group selfie with my parents!
 Sweet girls!
That's a wrap on Kindergarten!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dance pictures 2014

Got the girls dance pictures today.  

Jules in her jazz costume
 Ballet costume
 Jules' class.  She's in the middle in the splits!
 Ballet group photo
 Claire's class.  She's on third from right on bottom.
 Our little ballerina.  So precious.  Also, she looks so old in this picture!  Why do they have to get so big so fast?  Excuse me while I go cry.

Last day of Pre-k 3!

Our big girl is all done with her 3 year old preschool year.  She learned so much this year and we are so thankful for this school!  We absolutely love it!

Daddy got to come to the last day lunch.  She was so excited!
 Claire's teacher Mrs. Russell.  Y'all, this woman is a saint.  I can't even explain how nice she is.  It's been a rough year for our family with my treatments, surgeries, etc. and she just loved on our girl and was so supportive of us.  So caring, amazing!
What better way to leave school for the last day than on daddy's shoulders?
That's a wrap on Pre-K 3.  One more year of preschool and this girl will be off to Kindergarten.  I can't believe how fast this is happening!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Family fun day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  We had a fun family date today.  We took the girls to Fast Lane to go bowling and play in the arcade.  They love to bowl!  

Julianne all ready to go!
 Claire perfecting where to put the ball!
 She lets the ball go and runs.  Every. Single. Time.
 Bowler's crack
 She had to get a ball that matched her outfit!
 We went to Chuy's after for some Mexican food.  Yummy!
We hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  We sure did!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Silver Dollar City fun

My parents and I took the girls to Silver Dollar City to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Although it was hot enough that it felt like the smack dab middle of summer.

Claire was hot and not very excited about the teacups (or whatever they are called at SDC).
 This girl would have rode them all day.  She likes things that spin.  I don't know where she came from.  I hate spin rides.  Always have.  Always will.
 I love how excited they are.  This picture makes it look like this was a super coaster or something.  It goes like 2 mph.  So funny!
 Love the joy on Julianne's face.  She was having so much fun!
 My cuties on the butterfly ride
 SDC selfie
 Riding the train.  The train stops and their is this old west type little skit the guys do.  The girls loved it!
My mom took Claire on this water ride and Julianne didn't want to go.  Then she saw them going by and heard Claire laughing hysterically and saw that she lived through it so then she wanted to go.  So, my mom took them back on it.  There was no line so they rode it 3 times in a row.  My mom and Claire rode it 4 times!  My mom is a gamer.  I didn't want to go on it because I had jeans on and I loathe being wet in jeans.  Here is a video of one of the times they rode it.  The girls loved it!  They were soaked!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mom's night out to see Mom's Night Out!

I went to see Mom's Night Out tonight with some friends.  Here we are about to go into the theater.  And yes, that's me with my big ole diet coke and popcorn.  In my defense, I hadn't eaten all day.  :)  
Sweet friends and a really good movie.  Go see it!  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dance picture day!

Claire had dance pictures today.  She was so excited to get her hair curled and get a little make-up on.  She loves make-up!  

Hair and make-up done.  I wish her hair would hold the curl.  It falls out so fast!
 All ready!
 I mean really?  How precious is she?  Getting so big!

Preschool Mother's Day tea!

Had a Mother's Day tea in my sweet girls class today.  It was precious.

 So blessed by this girl!  So lucky to be her momma!
 All about my mommy by Claire.  Love her!

Mother's Day program 2014

This morning was the Kindergarten Mother's Day program at school.  They worked so hard for weeks and weeks on this.  It was impressive.  The music teacher at the girls' school is amazing.  The productions she turns out all year with all different grades are just great!

Getting ready to sing!
 Saying a prayer
 Our girl sitting like a lady always.  Cracks me up!
 Pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  Kindergartners singing "You see me".  Love.

They played a video of all the kids saying what they love about their mom and then showed a picture the kids drew to go along with that.  I balled like a baby y'all.  I just love my sweet girl and she is growing up way too fast!

This is what was on her desk when we went to her classroom.  Gifts the kids made for us.  So sweet.
 Here is what she wrote about me.  Most are pretty spot on.  I assure that Olive Garden is not my favorite restaurant.  We just always go there because the girls love it!  Ha!
 A drawing to go along with why she loves me.  "I love my mom.  She gives me joy."
 My heart is so full it could just burst.  Love, love, love this girl of mine!