Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Julianne!

Today our oldest is 6.  Six years ago today, I became a mommy.  Words cannot express how awesome this kid is.  She is smart, funny, sweet, caring, full of joy, and has the best heart!  We just adore her!  We celebrated last night because tonight she has AWANA and doesn't want to miss it (bless her heart).  My parents came over and we had pizza, cake and opened presents.  Today we are going to Olive Garden (her favorite) and then going to church.

This cake is just sad.  She loved it though.  It looks like she wrote the birthday message (my mom actually did it).  Ha!
  She can read her own cards this year!
 Anna!!!  We love everything Frozen!

 New Rapunzel nightgown!
 6 candles!  Big girl!

She had a helper blowing out those candles 
Huffin and puffin.....
 Got it!!

Happy 6th birthday to our precious girl!  We love you so much!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Keeping the grandparents busy

Shaun's parents just came for a visit to help us out while I am recovering from surgery.  They took the girls to school all week, took them to dance and all their regular activities, and had some fun!  Here are some highlights from the week!
Claire loving on Barney at Chuck E Cheese
Julianne showing off her moves before dance class
Practicing skating.  She is obsessed right now with her skates!
Out for a little stroll around our downtown area
Riding the 10 cent truck at the Wal Mart five and dime!
Thank you Bill and Bev for coming to help out with the girls!  They had such a fun time with you!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sometimes a girl just needs a little Cosmo

Claire came into my room today and wanted to hang out with me.  I am in a recliner in my room recovering from my surgery.  I had a pile of magazines on my end table and she said "I'm going to read a book like you".  This is what she picked:

Before you judge me, she can't read yet.  She only looked at it for a second and then said "this is boring". We watched Little Einsteins instead!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Claire's Valentine Party

Claire had her Valentine party at school today.  We worked on the girls' cute valentine boxes last night.  I wrapped them and then let the girls decorate them with stickers.  They turned out really cute!  Claire had a blast at her party today.  Cupcakes, cookies and candy.  Can't really go wrong with that!

I love the Valentine's I got for the girls this year.  I ordered them from  
Personalized with their pictures!  So cute!

Monday, February 10, 2014

I want to see you be brave!

Our favorite song right now.  Can you tell?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Frozen sing-a-long

The girls went to see Frozen a few weeks ago with my mom.  Today, I took them to the Frozen sing-a-long.  We went with some sweet friends.  What an adorable movie!  We have the soundtrack so the girls were able to sing along with all of the songs.  It got loud a few times in the theater!  The girls had a blast!  

Jules sat in between two of her friends (I guess she is already to cool to sit with mom)
Claire sat next to me with Harper and Hollis on the other side!  Cuties!
We were missing a few kids for this picture but here is our gang
My girls with Harper and Hollis.  They love them so much!

And for all of us moms who are so tired of this song:
That made me LOL!

I hate to wake a sleeping child...

This happens way too often.  Falls asleep right before it's time to go get sissy.  Sigh.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

She doesn't like the Dr. anymore

Unfortunately for Claire, with a birthday comes a visit to the Dr.  She loves her Dr. and normally likes going. That was until she went with Julianne to her last appointment when she had to get her Kindergarten shots.  Julianne screamed her head off, which made Claire scream her head off and say "why are you doing that to my sissy."  I have no idea why I brought Claire with us to that appointment.  Stupid.  When we left Claire said "well I'm never going to the Dr. again!"  I thought she might forget.  By the look on her face when I got her to the Dr. today she did not.

I think she knew what was going to happen
Poor girl
Then I got a little smile. This was just before the nurse came in to give the shots.  I felt so bad because I knew what was coming.  I think it's almost worse for the momma than it is for them. 
She did really well although she did cry for a few minutes.  She calmed down quickly and was very brave.
Getting shots is hard work.  Thank goodness she doesn't need any more until she is 11!  Hallelujah!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Claire!

It's a special little girls birthday today!  Our Claire bear.  She is 4!  I have no idea how that came so fast.  She is such a little girl now.  School was cancelled again today because of snow, so we got to have a fun day with friends.
The birthday girl who insisted that sissy was in the picture too!
We went over to see our friends Harper and Hollis to have a mini birthday celebration for Claire.  We had pizza and cupcakes and the girls had a blast playing for a few hours.
So much fun, this was Claire 2 minutes after we left their house.
And 2 minutes after that, this:
We love going to friends houses and getting all tired out!  Too bad it was too late for a real nap.

My mom offered to make dinner for Claire's birthday so we went over to my parents and had dinner and cake.  Claire loves cake.  She does not love anyone singing happy birthday to her so we weren't allowed to do that (she is a weirdo sometimes).  She loves the lighting of the candles though.

Can't believe my baby is 4!
Our little family
Mommy and daddy with the birthday girl
And here it is.  The yearly birthday video.  The girls love watching these.  Makes it worth all the effort and time!  Happy Birthday Claire!  You are such a sweet, funny, special girl.  You bring us so much joy and we love you more than you could ever know.  Happy birthday sweet girl!  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow day shenanigans

It's yet another snow day today.  I think we are on #8 for the school year.  Poor kid is going to have to go to school until July making up snow days.  Ha!  This is our second day stuck inside so this morning, we ventured out and went through the Krispy Kreme drive thru.  The girls love donuts (just like their momma) so they were really excited.  Claire turns 4 tomorrow so we went ahead and got extra so that we can have donuts on her birthday too!  
So happy about their heart shaped donuts

You get creative when you're snowed in.  Today, they disappeared and came back wearing their swimsuits.  It's like 10 degrees outside.  I can tell they are eager for summer to get here.  Me too!