Saturday, August 16, 2008

You know you are now parents when......

You're walls, all your walls are now covered with photos of your baby. Here is a sampling of what we now have:

The main wall in our family room where our wedding portrait and photos of friends and family used to hang now looks like this:

One of the main walls in our bedroom had nothing on it. We decided to save the wall because we knew she was on the way. It's now covered with her (and us with her in my belly) and has plenty of room to grow!

One side of our entertainment center in the family room looks like this:

And one side looks like this:

This wall used to be a collage of wedding photos.....

It's official, we are parents...and out of wall space. Our house has such an open floor plan (which I love) but leaves little room for blank walls. I guess we'll just have to keep swapping out all of these photos with new ones. These hanging now are only from birth to 3 months! Yikes!

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Sally said...

oh my gosh, girl...that's crazy an COOL!!! I love it. I've taken over 1500 pics of my little guy, but only printed out about 100. And there are only about 10 on display on our house. I'm a bad mom! =)