Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back where I come from.....

Julianne and I are back in my hometown, Bakersfield. I was born and raised here and a part of it will always feel like home no matter where we live. Mostly because my family is still here. My parents, my grandma, my brother and SIL and niece (and niece #2 on the way). There are so many things I love about Bakersfield which mostly involve memories I have...it's the place I grew up, the place I met my husband, the place I made some wonderful friends. Unfortunately for me, alot of the things I love are places to eat which I cannot enjoy right now because of my diet. Fosters donuts is calling my name........I may have to enjoy one before we go...the only problem will be deciding between a chocolate covered glazed and a cake donut with sprinkles.

Our time here has been spent mostly hanging out with my family. Julianne has met so many new people and has seen people that she hasn't seen since she was very tiny. I met up with two of my college buddies on Saturday first with Julianne and then later that night without baby for some girl and cocktail time. For any of you who go to BJ's...you have to try the cantaloupe martini - YUM! It's so fun to introduce Julianne to all the people who mean so much to me!

The thing I love most about Bakersfield is that my family is here...a part of my heart. Here are some pictures from our fun times so far:

My niece Brantlee (she is not camera shy!)
Aunt Tonja, Julianne and Brantlee

Julianne and Brantlee

Brantlee and I jumping on her trampoline (yes, she likes to be nude!)

Julianne and Brantlee

I adore this pajama set. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie (which I loved!)

Julianne and Brantlee playing on the floor

Brantlee kissing Julianne

Papa and his girls

Papa, Brantlee, Julianne and Great Grandma

We're having a great time so far! We are going to lunch with some old friends tomorrow and waiting for Tonja to deliver niece #2 (any day now!) We have more family and friends to meet and we'll post more of our adventures soon.


Sally said...

I'm so impressed with you resisting yummy bako food. I couldn't do it. Looks like you're having a blast!

Lacey said...

Hi Jenn! Happy to see you are having so much fun! WOW! Brantlee looks so grown up! When did that happen? :)
Safe travel home.