Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good times

Our trip to Phoenix was super fun! Julianne had such a good time with all the attention she received from Randi, James and their kids. Randi and I have been friends since high school (17 years now). It's official, we're old. She has moved all over like Shaun and I have but we always make an effort to see each other so I know her kids pretty well. It's an understatement to tell you that I LOVE her kids. They are a joy to be around and they were so great with Julianne. Abbie is 7 and Drew is "almost 5". Then there is precious little Ben who is just 11 weeks old. Abbie and Drew were quite excited that Julianne "does stuff" and they are really looking forward to Ben doing stuff. Here are some pictures from our time in Phoenix:

Drew, Julianne and Abbie

Silly girl

Julianne and Abbie

Abbie read to Julianne and she listened with intensity (for about 30 minutes)

Drew talking to Julianne

Ben and Julianne - Ben was getting upset (doesn't Julianne looked concerned for him?)

This picture cracks me up - Ben is now happy and all is well!



Yes, that's our girl trying to crawl (she is sooooo close)

We thought getting to Ben might be some incentive to crawl (she just couldn't make it)

We had such a good time. Thank you Randi, James, Abbie, Drew and Ben for such a wonderful 5 days. We love you guys!

Julianne and I are now in California (more on that to come).


Lacey said...

I am so glad you had such a good time at Randi's the pics are adorable and I can't believe how big Abbie is!!!

I had to tell you, Reese was crying and then I signed onto your blog and she immediately stopped when she heard your music, I think she is trying to sing along. Too cute! :)

Have fun in Cali!
Lacey & Reese

Sally said...

I'm glad you had such a good time. How was it with 2 babies in the house??

Lil Major is just about to crawl, too. He's doing the same thing as Julianne. I'm in SO much trouble!! AND, he cut his first tooth this week.

Have fun in CA! I'm still bummed that we missed each other.