Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vegas recap

We had a terrific weekend in Vegas to celebrate my birthday. My parents watched Julianne for the weekend while Shaun and I went and had a great time in Vegas for my 33rd (yikes) birthday! We headed over on Friday morning enjoying our 4 hour drive just being together and catching up. We checked into our hotel (the Trump) and waited for our friends to arrive. Tricia, my college roommate and her husband Eric arrived just after we did. We had a few cocktails in our room and then went out and got some show tickets and dinner reservations for the evening. We went back to our hotel to get ready and headed out for a great night. We had dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse and went to a comedy club after. Another friend from college, Becky, and her husband Jeff arrived late in the evening and we met them for some drinks. We hung out, walked to a few different casinos, had some drinks and did just a bit of gambling. I was sooo tired the first night and we called it a night at around 2:30 and headed back to the hotel. Shaun and I had a bit of a problem in our room because there was no hot water coming out of the shower. I wanted to take a shower so bad because I smelled like smoke (yuck!) I got in and it was not even warm. I took a cold shower and we had to call the maintenance guys to our room at 3am to try and fix it. Long story short, they couldn't and said all we could do was change rooms. We decided not to change rooms in the middle of the night and that we would just switch in the morning. Shaun woke up early, packed up all of our stuff and went down to the front desk to get new room keys (and make sure that we got something special for all of our trouble). Did we ever.

They gave us a corner suite on the 53rd floor that was bigger than our first apartment. It had a full kitchen, living room, a separate bedroom area and 2 bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi tub). It had floor to ceiling windows with awesome views of the strip. We were over the hot water incident immediately! Shaun decided that we should make use of the kitchen and make brunch for our friends so he headed off to Sam's Club to get some brunch food and I stayed behind to soak in the jacuzzi tub and recover from only 3 1/2 hours of sleep! We had a great brunch along with mimosa's (yum)! We headed out, got some show tickets for that night, then the girls went shopping for a bit while the guys went to drink and watch football. We went back to the hotel, got ready and headed out for the evening. Little did I know we would return 11 hours later....

We went to Benihana for dinner and it was so fun. The chef we had was really funny and we had a great time. We went to a show after dinner. It's called V and it is at Planet Hollywood. It was a variety show of about 8 different acts (comedian, contortionist, acrobats, world's fastest juggler, etc.) It was great! We got out of the show around 10 and decided that we would go find a club to go to. We wandered over to the Paris hotel and found a club called Risque that was about to open so we decided to give that a try. We got a table in a private section on the 2nd floor. The table was outside on a private balcony that overlooked the strip. It was perfect because we could breath clean air outside and go in and dance whenever we wanted. We had so much fun. The DJ played awesome music. We drank, we danced, we closed the place down. We went out for breakfast at about 4 am and got back to our rooms around 5. I was so proud of myself for staying up that late! :) Here are some pics from our weekend although they were not taken with my super cool new camera...you'll see the difference but we wanted the small camera to tote around:

This is me so happy about the TV that was in the bathroom mirror. I'm sorry, that's just cool!

This is Shaun and I wearing our Trump slippers. Yes, we are dorks!!!

Eric and Tricia overlooking Paris

Shaun and I overlooking Paris (check out the almost full moon)

Becky and Jeff at Bellagio

Tricia and Eric at Benihana

Shaun and I at Benihana

Becky and Jeff at Benihana (yes, Jeff is drinking from a ceramic Japanese lady - cheers!)

All of us at Benihana

Becky and Tricia at the club

The view from our table at the club

The girls

The dudes

Me dancing and singing in my seat (thanks honey for taking that)

Becky and Tricia on the dance floor

This is us on the dance floor again except this time I'm trying to get myself in the picture too!

This is me taking a picture as we left the club (that's right we closed it down, lights on and everything...)

Thanks Tricia, Eric, Becky and Jeff for an awesome birthday weekend. We had such a great time with you guys!!!!


Sally said...

Oh my gosh! I'm not a big Vegas fan, but your weekend sounds amazing! And that room? A TV in the mirror in the bathroom?? Brian NEVER would have left the room!! Got any more pics of the room?

Randi said...

I am so glad that you guys had an awesome time! Sounds like everything worked out so great for you guys and you took total advantage of your time away from Julianne! Cheers to your 33rd birthday! Welcome to the late-early thirties club! Love ya - Ran