Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't want to preach but can I get an AMEN!

So, I don't really want to do the politics thing on my blog. That's not what it is for. But, watching the highlights of the debate last night, I saw something so glorious.....such an a ha moment (at least I hope it was for some people). If you haven't seen the debate or any of the post debate footage, you won't know what I am talking about. I'm talking about Joe the plumber. He is my new hero. Finally, someone asks Obama about something that I am passionate about....taxing the "wealthy". For those of you who don't know, Joe the plumber is a guy here in Ohio that met Obama and asked him why he would tax people who made over $250K more than others (because he is interested in buying the plumbing business he works for and in turn, may make more than that - you go Joe)! Obama responded by saying that he didn't want to "punish his success"....but wants to "spread the wealth". I'm sorry but why should those of us who work hard for what we have "spread it around".....isn't it our money if we worked for it? Take for instance, my husband, who has spent years and years in school and training and taken out many a loan for school (you wouldn't believe the loans we have to pay back). He will be about 36 by the time he is done and joins a practice somewhere. We will own TONS of $$ in school loans. He will work really hard. He may make over $250k. If so, why should we pay a higher percentage tax than someone who makes $40, 50, or 60K a year? I DO NOT understand this. Why can't everyone just be taxed a flat rate percentage on whatever they make. I guess that would be to EASY. Anyway, I love Joe the plumber and I am so glad this has come up. Obama is a socialist in every sense of the word........Isn't everyone capable of working hard, going to school, and making their own way and can't we all just pay 30% (or whatever it might be) of whatever we make. Isn't that fair? Apparently not for Obama. Watch this video of Joe the plumber because he is right on. OK, that's it. I'm done venting. Don't even get me started about socialized medicine!!!!!!

I'm Jenn and I approve this message!


bandofbrothers said...

Amen Jenn, You preach it sister!!!! Socialized medicine FREAKS me out.

Thanks for popping by! And ok, so I'll admit to peeking at your blog a few times, just because I see you pop up on my friend's blogs! Your baby is adorable! I went to APU from 1993-1997. Gosh that makes me sound REALLY Old:) How about you?

Sally said...

Amen, sister!! =)

Hey, how far are you from Indy?

shaun said...

From time to time I login for a smile while at work, usually on the tail-end of an overnight (read: 30h) shift in the hospital. I do miss my my wonderful wife and baby girl. The sacrifice to be a good, caring doctor is shared by my whole family.