Thursday, October 30, 2008


As some of you may have seen, I have had a button on my sidebar for a few months now that says praying for Mckmama and baby Stellan. This woman has an amazing story. I don't even remember now how I stumbled across her blog but I have been reading it ever since. It is a long story and I urge you to go to her blog if you want to read more about it but the short story is that she is pregnant with her fourth child and back in July he was diagnosed with a myriad of heart problems and they were told that their baby would surely die. She has amazing faith and so many faithful readers that started praying for baby Stellan. She has been monitored closely since his diagnosis and he continued to improve although doctors were unsure what the outcome would be. I'm happy to report that baby Stellan was born yesterday morning and is healthy and doing very well. It's so nice to hear about a miracle such as this, especially with all of the sadness I've witnessed in the last two weeks. I'm so happy that this little baby is here and healthy! It seems that just when you need to see it, God performs a miracle!

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Sally said...

wow! That's awesome! Praise God!