Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bits and pieces

Since I've been posting mostly videos lately I figured I should do a real post. What to post about? Well, nothing really. It's kind of the same old same around here and by that I mean chasing my crawling like crazy daughter around 24/7! I think I can get away with working out less now!!!

Shaun and I had a night out on Friday night. We got a sitter for the first time...at least a sitter that is not a family member that was visiting or who we were visiting. One big bummer about not living by our families is that we have really no one that we can leave her with without a second thought. When I leave her with my parents (even for an entire weekend) I just never even worry, not for a second. No instructions to be left, no calling 5 million times a day to see how she is doing because I know...she is great. But, there comes a time when mom and dad need a night out and now that she is a bit older I feel more comfortable doing this. So, we got a sitter on Friday night and went out to a fundraiser for Michael, the little boy from our neighborhood who died of cancer last week. The fundraiser was planned long before his passing and it was a great way to celebrate him and his life and also to raise money for his family. They had a scavenger hunt (4 adults per team) that ended at a bar down the street where a silent auction was held. I forgot how much fun scavenger hunts were! It was a great night and Shaun and I won two things at the auction. I won a spa day that includes a massage, facial, mani and pedi. I can't wait to go do that! We also won a wine tasting party for 10 at a new wine bar in town. That should be a lot of fun as well as soon as we can round up 10 friends on the same night! I've struggled all week with Michael's death. With wrapping my head around how it would possibly feel to bury a child. With why kids have to suffer. With how his parents and two younger sisters and grandparents and aunts and uncles will cope with his death. I do not understand why things like this happen. I know everything is part of God's plan but I really struggle with the why factor. I do know that Michael touched so many people...some who he never even knew. Please continue to pray for his family during this difficult time in their lives.

The rest of the weekend was horrible because I was sick...and I don't mean that I just didn't feel good. I was sick....running to the bathroom to hurl sick. All while trying to take care of Julianne because Shaun was working. This is another bad thing about having no family nearby....if my parents lived nearby I could call and say please come get her so I can be sick. I started feeling better Sunday evening and am now pretty much back to normal.

This week I have been in a cleansing mood. I've cleaned the entire house including cleaning out closets (not all of them yet but I'm working on it). I'm packing things away (like all of Julianne's clothes that she no longer fits in) and tossing some stuff into the donation pile. Do you ever feel like you just have too much stuff? I always wonder how much stuff 3 people could possibly need? It all just seems to build up over years and never gets thrown out. I am not a pack rat but I am married to one. He is a "what if I need it someday" person. I am more of a if I haven't used it in a year it goes type of person. These two types of people do not mix well which is why I have to go through stuff when Shaun is on call and get rid of it before he sees. Um, just kidding honey, I would never do that. I'm on to the basement in the next few days because I want to get it cleaned up and looking decent so that I actually enjoy going down there. We have a great finished basement but haven't paid much attention to getting it the way we want it. Everything else came first. So now that the rest of the house is done, I can concentrate on that. I want to make a play area for Julianne down there and get some stuff hung on the walls and just make it more cozy. Pics to come....

That's about it for tonight. I think I am going to take a nice warm bubble bath and then off to bed. I just can't sign off without posting a pic so here is one I took the other day. And no, I do not let my daughter dig in the trash and then eat it....not me!

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Sally said...

I'm so glad you guys got a night out together. I'm so jealous of your auction items. I would love a spa day about now. Wish we could go together! I don't have any friends here who get into that (they don't want to spend $$ on it). And the wine party? Oh my gosh...what a blast!!

I can't imagine going through what Michael's parents are going through. I just look at my little man and can't imagine life without him.

I'm WAY impressed at your progress on cleaning out stuff. I really need to do that, too.