Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Video blog

Thanks to this super cool photographer, I've been following the blog of another super cool photographer and she challenged her readers to post a video blog. I was thinking and thinking about what to do and decided on making my favorite martini for everyone. Since today was the deadline for the contest, I was going to do that this afternoon. Julianne had other ideas.... Instead, you are looking at brand new footage taken today of our daughter crawling for the very first time. She's been so close for so long and we knew she would do it soon. There is nothing that can describe watching your baby grow and reach milestones right before your eyes. I got a lot of good footage but I will spare you the fifteen minutes and just show you this little bit. Our baby crawling and a cameo by the dogs...what more could you want? Enjoy! And I promise to do the martini for the next contest! Sorry, I couldn't do an intro video because my web cam will NOT install correctly.

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Ashley said...

awww! haha sooo cute! And I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the layout of your page, so adorable! Thanks for playing along!