Saturday, November 1, 2008

The happiest Halloween ever!

Here we were....all ready to answer the door and pass out candy. She wasn't too sure about her costume. You may not think I am in costume but I am......I'm Sarah Palin (or Tina Fey).We had a really fun night passing out tons of candy to the neighborhood kids and then we went to a get together that our neighbors had. It was the one night this week that it wasn't freezing outside so it was really nice. Julianne lasted until about 9 and then we came home and put her to bed. She was so exhausted from all the fun that she slept until 10 this morning! Here are some of our favorite shots of the cutest little bunny ever......

We hope your Halloween was as happy as ours!


Tiffany said...

SOOOOO Cute!! We have to dress up Luke today and take pictures because he could not make it until dark last night as he was incredibly tired and CRANKY!!

His sleep is a double edged sword....sleeps early, but we miss him and miss out on doing activities outside of our house....however we are not sleep deprived and we get to spend some precious alone time with Zach, so this is fun!!

Julianne is definitely the cutest bunny ever!!

Love, Aunt Tiff

Sally said...

Ooh, Lil Major was checking out your cute bunny!! =?)

I love her Costume!

Lacey said...

OMG! Jenn, Julianne is too cute! I love the picture of her little bunny tail crawling away. :)

Randi said...

Wow - she looks so cute and cuddly! I love the shot of her crawling away with the little bunny tooshie!