Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lasagna, no thank you....Peas, yes please!

The kid HATES lasagna and LOVES peas.........if she didn't love to dance so much, I'd wonder if she was mine! Pardon the blurry video. We're working on getting an actual camcorder instead of just the point and shoot.


Sally said...

That is hilarious! =)

Is your mom going to make it out today?

Mimi said...

Sadly, Grammy didn't make it yesterday because of the horrific fires in southern California. Just checked road conditions, and it appears to be all clear for today. Can hardly wait to feed that girl her peas (one of my favorite vegetables by the way). I'm sure Julianne will LOVE her mom's lasagna, just like everyone else who partakes does. See you in a few hours!!!