Monday, November 10, 2008

She's bringin' sexy back!

Those of you who know me know how I love music. How I love to dance. How I love to sing...while cleaning, while in the shower, while riding in the car. I love a lot of different kinds of music.......but I LOVE me some Justin Timberlake. I mean LOVE. It started way back when he was in N'Sync (and yes, I went to see them in concert when I was about 27 and most of the concert goers were 13). And it was awesome! So last year for Christmas, my in-laws bought me the DVD of his concert at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last year. It was my favorite present. I made Shaun watch it on Christmas Day after I opened it and I have watched it probably about 100 times since then. I love to turn it on while I'm cleaning the house or making dinner. I did this a lot while I was pregnant and still do. And now......I think I've created a monster!

All of us busy moms know that sometimes you just need 10 or 15 minutes to fold a load of laundry or whip something up for dinner in the kitchen. This was the case the other day and I needed to keep Julianne occupied for a few minutes because now that she can crawl I really can't take my eyes off of her for 2 seconds. So, I thought I would put in an Einstein video to see if that would do the trick. I'm not a big fan of sitting kids in front of the TV but every once in a while I will do it if I need to do something for a few minutes. So, I tried this the other day and she was not having it. I turned on the Einstein and she just grunted and fussed and chased after me...she was not having it. So, I hit disc switch to you guessed Justin DVD. As you can see from the video below she didn't move. She LOVES this video (just like her mom). She sat still and just watched this for 25 minutes (and she barely sits still for 10 seconds these days). I don't know if it is because I listened to it so much while I was pregnant and a lot since she's been born or just because she loves music so much but this girl loves her some Justin too! I'm sure it's not the most educational thing to watch but hey, she already knows how to dance! Have I mentioned how much I love this kid???

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bandofbrothers said...

that is so adorable! i would be thrilled she sat that long too!