Monday, November 24, 2008

Tis the Season!

The first thing that I have to say is that my mom is AMAZING! Not only does my house look fabulous normally because of her but now it looks even better with all of our Christmas decorations. My mom came out last week and worked tirelessly along side me to make our house beautiful for the season. I couldn't have done it without her....well maybe I could have but I'd still be working on it and it wouldn't look nearly as good.

I love Christmas and Christmas decorations. Putting decorations up gets me in the mood for this wonderful season that is upon us. This is probably the most decorating I've done before. I added a bit to our collection this year at pre-Christmas sales (tons of stores have their Christmas stuff 50% off before Christmas). We've got a bit more room in this house now and we also now have Julianne so we will be decorating even more every year I'm sure. The weather also got us in the mood (we had all 30 degree days last week and some snow which was great except for the day when I put up the outside decorations)....I froze! It was all worth it though. Thank you mom for all of the help! We can't wait to see you and dad on Christmas day. And I am so excited that you will both be here to help me take it all down!!!!
We started out by putting the tree up. This year, we opted to put it up and out of a certain little someone's reach (thank goodness for the two story family room)

Here is my mom paying close attention to every detail.......

Doesn't she look like she wants that stuff on the couch?
The finished tree

The tree and mantle

We put trees on top of the entertainment center (a new addition this year)
The staircase

The mirror in the dining room (my mom's idea - I never would have thought of it)

A small tree we got for the front living room

Nativity scene that I've had for years and love!

The front of the house (there are wreaths on all the windows but you can't see them very well in this picture)

A close-up of the front

The walkway to our front door

I'm also relieved to find out that Julianne likes to dance to Christmas music as much as regular music......

I hope you enjoy the new seasonal look for my blog and the Christmas music to go along with it. Take a listen to "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill. It is my absolute favorite new Christmas song! Happy holidays everyone!


Sally said...

I love your header! And your Christmas cheer. =) And your house looks GREAT! i'm listening to A Baby Changes Everything right now. =)

Randi said...

Looks awesome - the house and the site! I need to order up a "Carole" for me! Do you know where I can get one? (I am confessing that the kids were still eating off of their Halloween plates well into November!)

Tiffany said...

Beautiful as always....Love the moves Julianne!!

oh, hello friend. said...

looks SOOO cozy! love all the decorations! it makes me super excited to decorate my place!