Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's a big girl to do?

For some reason, all the stores I have been to don't have 1st Christmas clothing items for babies in any sizes larger than 9 months. I'm not sure why. Some babies grow faster than others. Mine for instance, has a little more meat on her bones than the average 9 month old, and is wearing 12 month or 12-18 month sizes right now. So, I saw these cute long john type jammies in a catalog and had to order them for her. I ordered a 12 month size but probably should have opted for the 18 month. They are a bit snug but will do for the next 2 weeks I guess. I had some fun last night chasing her around the house trying to snap photos....

Then we had some fun dancing (we like to kick it up a notch in the evening time and get a little funky).

Life is just sweeter now...even the littlest things put the biggest smile on my face. What made you smile today?


Sally said...

Way cute! i wish I was there to get funky with you and Julianne!

I'll tell you what DID NOT make me smile today...the 2 different groups of people at Hobby Lobby who let the door slam on me and Lil Major as we tried to maneuver the stroller into the store. Happy flippin' Holidays to them!

We're home and relaxing now. Enough shopping for one day.

Mimi said...

I didn't smile until I saw these pictures!!! Sitting at a conference all day isn't a very good smile making experience. She's getting a lot of hair in the back isn't she.

Love, Mom

Unknown said...

Sally, I feel you. I went out yesterday and after a trip to Wal-Mart called it a day. I stood in line to check out for 20 minutes. I will do the remainder of my shopping online.

Mom, yes, she is getting a lot more hair in the back. Now if she would only get some in front and on the sides. So much for my dream of her having Shaun's thick wavy hair. It is SO my hair, baby fine and straight (except for one little curl in the back). Oh well, there's always the bowl cut like I had huh?

Mimi said...

Don't do that to her. We'll figure out something else for her!!