Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa baby!

Last November, when Julianne was still in my belly I bought a Christmas dress for her. I thought hmmm.. she'll be 9 months old so I'll get the 6-12 month size (the dress was on clearance at Baby Gap). Last night I thought I am going to squeeze her into this 6-12 month dress when she is wearing 12-18 month clothes??? Well, it wasn't easy but we did it along with tights and cute shoes. We had a goal. A decent picture with Santa.

I had heard about an estate that is not far from our house that has a fantastic light display along with Santa and Mrs. Clause for pictures. Perfect! Shaun got home from work at 7 so we were out the door about 7:30. We got within a few blocks of the estate and realized that it was not to be. There was a line of cars about a mile long just to get in the gates. OK, plan B. I didn't really have a plan B which is a little unlike me but I knew there was a mall not far away and I thought they would surely have a Santa. Lucky for us, they did. There was no line and we were in and out in 5 minutes. It was great. I was a little scared as to how Julianne would react to being put on Santa's lap. She checked him out while I stood there holding her for a minute and then I handed her over and walked just a little distance away. She immediately got what I call her pre-cry pouty face and I thought OH NO! She's going to cry! Shaun saw the pre-cry face and so he went up to her and did what daddy's do best. Making goofy faces, smiling, etc. She started smiling and the lady started snapping. She was looking at Shaun for most of the pics which was not in the direction of the camera. So, we let the camera lady take over and Julianne looked at her and we got a little smile. I think it turned out pretty least she is not screaming like the kid that got his picture taken after her. He was about 3 and screamed his head off (and he was on Mrs. Clause's lap). Julianne looked at him like "what's your problem, I just did it!" We had a lot of fun taking her for her first picture with Santa.

I give you, Julianne's Santa photo 2008:

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Amy said...

So cute! Hudson HATED Santa. I don't have the picts yet, but I can't wait to see them. Poor kid...