Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cleanin' out the closet!

It feels good to have a project completed. A small project but a project. I have been wanting to clean out my closet for a long while now. I have so much stuff. It's ridiculous. My hanging space was so cramped I could barely hang stuff up. Things were falling off hangers because everything was scrunched in so tightly. Ugh! I can't stand it. The shelves were messy with things not folded neatly. It's probably not a mess that would bother some other people or that other people would even think was messy. But me? Well, I'm all about neat folds, organizing by color, having shoes facing certain directions, etc. I knew I had a ton of stuff that needed to be donated. There are people who can use this stuff. So my rule was if I have not worn it in a year then it had to go. That's pretty much my rule for anything when it comes to getting rid of stuff. If we haven't used it in a year, through 4 seasons, we never will. It must go. I tried to do a clean out of the closet while pregnant. This is not a good idea so I stopped. It either makes you break down and cry because you think you will never fit into "normal" clothes again or it makes you keep everything because you are dying to fit into "normal" clothes again and you think you will actually wear a pair of pants you bought 8 years ago. My husband built us this beautiful closet. All we had before were these wire racks that are really popular with the builders here in the midwest and east coast for some reason. They are horrible. They leave marks all over folded clothes you have on them and you can't hang nearly as much. So, my handy husband spent several weekends last fall making us this beautiful closet and I want it to look beautiful. So I figure there is no time like the present when we have been stuck inside anyway. And hey, I had a helper....what could be better than that?

Here are some before pictures:

I'm not sure the pictures do it justice. They just don't convey how scrunched everything was. Yuck! Anyway, that's what I started with. My helper and I got to work. As you can see my helper was having quite a good time....

She had the most fun pulling the shoes off the shelf (the girl is obsessed with shoes). I'm not sure where she gets it from. When Shaun built the closet he asked how many pairs of shoes I needed room for. I had to count them. 105. It was embarrassing! In my defense this count included flip-flops and slippers. :) I'm pretty sure this is what led him to put this in my stocking...

So, I worked for hours. Filling bags, and bags, and bags for donation to the veteran's society. Here is the finished product:

Again, I'm not sure the pictures do it justice for showing just how much more room I have to move the things that are on hangers, etc. I can actually get to things now and have a lot of cute shirts I forgot about. I donated about 10 pairs of jeans. I am a now a jean snob and if it did not say Juicy, Lucky, or Calvin Klein, I gave them away. There is nothing better than a good pair of jeans! I think the best thing (or worst depending on how you look at it) that I found were a couple of pairs of cotton pants from New York and Company in a size Small. I'm not sure when I bought them or when I fit into a size small pant. It must have been after a crash diet or maybe I was dehydrated! I can't believe how much stuff I ended up putting in the give-away bags. I ended up with this:
8 bags. When Shaun came home, saw what I was donating and then saw the closet he promptly said "all those bags and you still have this much stuff?" That's a man for you.
So what's the oldest/best/worst thing that's still in your closet?


Randi said...

Wow...looks awesome! The worst thing that I found in my clean out of a few months ago had to be a bridesmaid dress from the wedding of a couple that no longer is! Oops, the dress lasted longer than the marriage!

Momma D said...

I couldn't see the photos but I can imagine. I did mine about a year ago. It's pretty bare right now.

I have to ask if you subscribe to . They are in the middle of the great closet cleanout right now.

The craziest thing I cleaned out of my closet was last week. A wedding dress I purchased for my wedding to my current husband. I bought it in '02, we eloped in '04 and I didn't wear the dress. It's just been hanging in the bag in my closet ever since. I gave it to a neice of my sister in law just last week!

Sally said...

I STILL have my senior sweatshirt...West High class of '92, baby! I love to wear it to hang out at home in. =)

SO impressed w/ the 8 bags. I need to do that.

andiscandis said...

I have a polyester Hawaiian print dress that I bought in 1995. In my defense, though, I wear it to my neighbor's annual Jimmy Buffet party every year.

I'm jealous because that closet is more storage space than we have in our entire house.

Tim said...

You really need to meet my wife. This is right up her ally. I must say, however, I should not have to listen to New Kids on the Block in order to read your blog =).