Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I miss the sun

It's officially a white out here in Ohio. I'm having a severe case of cabin fever since Julianne and I haven't left the house since last Thursday. It is cold, yucky and Shaun has been having to take my car because it has winter tires on it and his new car apparently doesn't handle the snow so well (I thought it snowed in Germany but apparently not). Here are some views from our house right now.
This is out our back window. I'm thinking maybe we should have moved the patio table in and put it in the basement for the winter. Here is hoping that all that snow doesn't make the glass tabletop break! OOPS!

My flower pots look like snow cones!

The chairs on my small table are half buried. And this photo was taken before the additional 3 inches that fell today.
This is the view out the front from today. Check out the little bumps of snow where our bushes used to be!

It's hard to see but there were a ton of birds in that tree across the street. I think they forgot to fly south for the winter!

Luckily, Julianne's playgroup buddies were nice enough to come to our house today since we were stuck. They are all around the same age (Hazel is 13 months and Jack just turned 1) and are starting to really have fun playing with each other.

Julianne and Hazel checking out Elmo

And playing with her walker that plays all kinds of fun music
They had a lot of fun playing with Julianne's new ball popper

Jack showing Julianne how boys play (it's very different from how girls play..she held her own though)!

It's going to be 7 degrees on Friday and Saturday (as the high). All I can say is that Shaun is going to owe me some sunshine when we are done here! West coast here we come!


Sally said...

that's an awful lot of snow! you must be getting ours...we haven't had much this year.

Randi said...

You are the exact opposite of me! I was upset this morning when I saw our 7 day forecast - highs in the mid 70's! Gotta love the desert! I want some winter......maybe not as much as you have, but it would be nice to be chilly!

Tiffany said...

I can relate....not as much as you, but boy does the cold get old! Our snow is gone, so I am VERY thankful for this because I REALLY missed driving my car...

Miss you all,
Aunt Tiff

Amy said...

From my point of view (which I must admit is sunny and warm) the snow looks really pretty! I'm sure you must be getting stir crazy though! Hope you're able to get out soon!