Wednesday, January 7, 2009

They're my slippers and I'll mop if I want to!

Shaun made fun of me today when I was "mopping" our wood floors. Yep, that's right....I have mop slippers. Don't judge me. I normally like to do the floor on my hands and knees with a special cloth but it is hard on the knees (unless I break out the knee pads which I have done before but that is such a pain). I believe Shaun's exact words were "why don't you just use a mop?" I will use a mop for just a quick once over but to get them really clean, the mop just doesn't cut it because I feel like it doesn't get into the corners and such very well. So to save my knees and my back, I found these mop slippers in the Lillian Vernon catalog and you know what....I LOVE THEM! The floors are sparkly. I think Julianne likes them too!


See Sherm Blog said...

Baaaahahahahaah!!! Those are AWESOME!! Lillian Vernon you say? Those would be GREAT for a prego like me who can't bend over anymore! Who ever invented those should become a millionaire. Seriously. I may go support them right now by buying myself a pair.

Sally said...

I love the mop slippers! I saw them advertised this year. =)

I RARELY get on my hands and knees to mop (but I should), but when I do, I kneel on a folded up towel and just move it around with me. It's more comfortable that the knee pads I have.