Friday, January 9, 2009

the to-do list

I have a list. A BIG list. A list of to-do's. It has seemed the past few months that as soon as I cross a couple things off, more gets added. It is overwhelming and I let it stress me out. I'm working on that but I feel the best way to relieve stress is to get more stuff done. I was able to cross off quite a few things while my parents were here to help out and entertain Julianne (thank you!)

I had alot of little household projects to do and I got a bunch of those done while my parents were here which was nice. I got the basement cleaned up and donated a bunch of stuff and also have been selling quite a few things on ebay and Amazon (mostly books). I really want to de-clutter our house because I feel like we just have too much stuff. Stuff we have moved three times. Stuff we don't need and will never need. Stuff we just store and don't use. I feel like I have made a big dent in that although I still have to tackle my closet. I plan to do that this weekend.

I (along with my mom) got the living room done, finally. We have a formal living room in our house that is the first room you see when you walk in. When we moved in it was on the bottom of the list of things to get done (although I did paint it) because we were going to have to buy furniture for it. Up until now, it housed Sophie's huge crate, a table that I had no other place for and the glass coffee table that was in our family room that we traded in for a soft leather storage table instead when we were expecting Julianne. I finally got tired of looking at seeing a dog crate every time I (or someone else) walked into our house. I wanted it to look nice. So, we moved the dog crate down to the basement and I ordered a couch on my favorite website, Overstock. It is a Broyhill sofa and I am so happy with it. I took a chance ordering it online sight unseen but I think it paid off because I got it for $500 delivered which was about half the cost of the sofa I was going to order at a furniture store. When my parents were here my mom and I went in search of fabric to make curtains and also to cover the ugly accent pillows that came with the couch. We headed to Joann's superstore and we found some awesome silk fabric that is normally $49.99 a yard in the clearance section. It was slashed to $12 a yard which I thought was an awesome price but when checking out realized that it was an additional 50% off so we got $50 a yard fabric for $6. SCORE! Window treatment for the bay window and covered pillows for $72. We hung some wedding photos that I had taken from the family room to make way for the Julianne shrine, bought a lamp for the table, moved in two leather chairs from the family room so that Julianne will have more room to play in there and voila:

I still need to get a couple of floor lamps and some artwork for the wall behind the couch but it feels so good to have it almost finished. Thanks for making the window treatment and covering the pillows mom!

My mom also helped me with decorating the area above our entertainment center in the family room. We used some things that I already had, took a trip to Homegoods and bought a few things, and here is the result. I think it turned out rather nicely although I did not consider having to change the time on that clock when daylight savings kicks in. Oops.

My parents also helped me take down the Christmas decorations. We had a 65 degree day here in Cleveland a few days after Christmas so I told my mom we should take advantage and take down the outdoor decorations. I'm so glad we did because it was pretty much freezing the rest of the time they were here. We all took down the indoor stuff and my dad carried it all down to the basement for me which was a huge help. I think I'm up to about 15 huge Christmas bins now!

I also took part of a day while my parents were here to use a gift certificate that Shaun won for me at the charity auction we went to a few months ago. I spent a half day at the spa. Facial. Massage. Manicure. Pedicure. It was so nice. I also went to the dentist and got my haircut. Basically all the things I need to do but can't take Julianne with me to do. And Julianne got some quality grammy and papa time. She loved having them here and so did we. I wish more than ever that they lived near us. Someday. Thanks for all your help mom and dad. We all miss you already!

Now I'm on to the rest of my to-do's. I have a big project that I am helping Shaun with that involves hours in front of the computer. I'm doing that little by little when Julianne is sleeping. I have to get cracking on her first year album before her b-day gets here and I haven't started it. I want to make a slide show for her 1st birthday. I need to plan her 1st b-day party which we are hoping to have in Bakersfield the first weekend in April (more details to come for those of you who want to come). I need to update her baby book that I haven't touched in months. I need to update our shrine to Julianne wall with more recent photos. I need to get a 529 plan for Julianne opened and put a big deposit in it. I need to organize all our tax receipts/info to give to our accountant. We need to meet with the estate attorney to finalize our wills/guardianship for Julianne. I need to make my "100 things" list (more on this to come). I need to plan the vacation that Shaun and I are hoping to take in April. I need to install the photoshop program my parents got me for Christmas and learn how to use it. The list goes on and on........but for now, just for a moment, I am feeling good about the things I have crossed off recently. Do you have a big to-do list?

And just because I think every post needs a cute picture of our girl, here she is in the cute new shirt that was on clearance at Old Navy. I just love it!


Sally said...

Oh, your list sounds like mine, but you are getting WAY more done than i am. And thanks for the reminder about wills/guardianship. We haven't done ANYTHING on that front.

I feel the same way, we have way too much STUFF. I just can't get any time to take care of it. I don't know how you do it.

Randi said...

The dreaded list....I agree that you are way more productive with your list than I have been. It seems that whenever I get started on something, one of the kids' "list" becomes the priority. Even with the feeling of always being behind - I wouldn't trade that for the world!

Your living room looks great! You and I were thinking alike - while my parents were here over the holidays, I painted and redid my living and dining room. I got tired of looking at that brown mess that the previous owners painted on the walls!