Thursday, February 5, 2009

11 months

It's that time again. Our monthly photo shoot. This is our last one before our baby turns 1. I can't believe it! Keeping her in the chair for photos is nearly impossible now. I think she lasted about 30 seconds in it today. She kept wanting to get down and move about but I managed to snap a few in the chair.

Then it was time to get down and explore. It's so fun to watch her roam around and discover new things. She was all over the place this morning.

She loves the humidifier and the diaper pail (yuck!)
A lot of the pictures I snapped this morning look like this because she kept moving to different rooms:
She headed in to our room to explore. I don't take her in our room very often so she likes going in there because it's new.
She loves the electric blanket cords that are under the bed. It's the first thing she heads for.
She is now tall enough to reach the top of our nightstands (another reason we don't go in our room very often).....
I was trying to get her to smile and I said something like "give mommy big smile" and she did this:

I then started laughing hysterically and so did she:

She quickly got bored in our room.....
She headed back to her room and started trying to get her dolly out of her crib:
After two minutes of hard work she finally got it and was really happy....
She then proceeded to eat her dolly:
And lay down with her dolly:
She looks like she is warming up to dance doesn't she?
OK mommy, I'm about tired of all this picture taking......
But I'll come tackle you and smile really big so you can get one more good one!

And so I don't forget (and in case I forget to write it in her baby book), here are some of the things she is doing this month:
-walking with assistance (holding her hands)
-throwing/dropping things on purpose and then saying "uh-oh"
-doing her "running crawl" toward daddy when he comes home every night and saying "dada dada" over and over
-trying to say "I love you"
-saying "ni-ni" (night-night) when she goes to bed
-waving goodbye to everyone!
-sits still to watch Jack's Big Music show (well, still except for dancing of course)
-self-feeding finger foods
-eating yogurt, chopped veggies and fruit
-getting really good at drinking from a sippy cup
-still only has 2 teeth (but is a pretty good at chewing anyway)
-giving big hugs and being more cuddly than ever!
This girl gives us so much joy! I can hardly believe she has been with us almost a year! I have loved every moment of it. The one month countdown is on to Julianne's 1st birthday!


Olive Oyl said...

She is so precious... I love the one with her leg up on her dresser drawer.

Oh, and you bedroom looks beautiful from that little snippet I can see in the pictures! :)

Tiffany said...

She is adorable....good to read this today as Luke is drivin' me loco. I feel bad because he is not feeling well, but wow the screaming gets old. One more month until the big day! I cannot believe it.

Miss you

See Sherm Blog said...

Can I have your bedding?? LOVE it, from what I saw. :-)

She's so adorable. And loving the commentary that went along with each picture.

Sally said...

I've been waiting for this post all day! Happy 11 months, Julianne!!

Lil Major loves his diaper pail, too...why????

Randi said...

So much fun and so adorable! Happy 11 months - I can't believe it! Can't wait for the big day....she is going to love the cake!!!!

Hugs and Kisses!