Monday, February 2, 2009

Love month

Is it really February already? Since it's love month, I've spiced up the blog a bit with a love theme including a new playlist with some of my favorite "love" songs (don't worry New Kids on the Block on this playlist). :) I have a lot to do this month, most of which centers around the 1st birthday of our babe which is now just over a month away! I can't believe it. I'm planning two parties...a small one here and one in Bakersfield in April. I'm working on her first year slide show and first year photo book. It's been so fun looking back at pictures and videos from her first year. It really is unbelievable how fast it all goes. On one hand it is sad because she is turning into a little girl instead of being our "baby", but on the other we can't wait to see what she will say and do next. Her little personality is developing and she is just so sweet and happy.

In other news, Julianne and I are finally starting to feel better after being sick for several days. She has an ear infection in both ears and a horrible cough/runny nose. Shaun got sick a couple of weeks ago and tried his best not to get us sick but no such luck. Yesterday was a much better day for both of us and I'm hoping today will be even better.

Happy love month everyone!


Sally said...

Time is flying by, isn't it??? I'm glad you're one month ahead of me, because it reminds me to get busy! I need to start on a slide show, too. What program did you decide to use?

Tiffany said...

Stayed home from work today....Luke sick....the good part is I am rockin to the love music while I do some work from home!