Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random thoughts

The random thoughts of Jenn for today:

I'm planning two birthday parties. One here, one in California. I wasn't going to do one here but can't see not doing anything on the actual weekend of her birthday because we are not going to Cali until April. We went to Little Gym today and Julianne LOVED it so we are doing her party here there. They pretty much take care of everything except invites and cake so I thought it might make my life easier (I hope anyway).

I need a new computer in the worst way. The one I have now is almost 4 years old and keeps giving me error messages when I try to do more than one thing at a time. And don't even get me started on the fact that I can't even use the new Photoshop program I got for Christmas. I started a "project" in it yesterday and then it stalled half way through and I wasted an hour. I refuse to start anything else until I get a new one which is causing problems because I have a first year slide show to do and a first year photo book to complete.

Julianne's new favorite thing to do is to cry every time I set her down. She is in a very clingy stage right now and is saying mama about 500 times a day. I'm torn between wanting to pick her up every time and cuddle with her and not wanting a spoiled baby and trying to let her play on her own for a while. I'm hoping this is a short stage. It may just be because she hasn't felt good.

Shaun has NO call nights this month (no overnight shifts) which makes me happy but is on a very difficult rotation where he gets out late everyday and probably won't get home until 7 or 8 most nights which makes me sad because the doodlebug goes to bed at 8 or shortly after. Shaun wants me to keep her up and again I am torn between wanting her to see her daddy as much as possible and dealing with a cranky pants when she doesn't get enough sleep (because no matter what time I put her to bed she wakes up at the same time every morning).

There are 61 days until we go to Mexico. I need a vacation BAD!

I really miss my best friend today. I miss her all the time but more today for some reason. I miss her kids too and wonder if we will ever live near each other.

I am glad it did not snow today as the weather man told me it would.

I wish the Cardinals would have won the Superbowl on Sunday because I think Kurt Warner is just awesome (and any team that Matt Leinart is on is my favorite team - woo hoo!)

I LOVE Facebook! I have connected with so many old friends.

I am on a very strict diet right now and am trying to learn how to love "healthy food". I think Special K chocolate delight is pretty much the most awesome cereal ever invented. It's great for a little chocolate fix when you need one without a ton of calories.

I think I'm almost ready to try for baby #2.

I'm so excited that my brother and his wife and my nieces may come visit us in March. I love me some family time and I want to squeeze my nieces!

I hate snow....and cold weather.....

I'm looking for a new car and can't decide what I want.

I've lost 5 lbs. and want to lose 15 more to get to my "goal weight". I hate scales!

It's 7:15pm right now and I could go to bed and sleep for 12 hours. I'm lucky to make it past 10 these days....

I LOVE American Idol and I wish it was on everyday.

I am rambling and should go now.......gotta feed a baby dinner, give her a bath and slave over some dinner for Shaun and I (which involves heating up left-overs from last night!). Oh, and I have to watch American Idol!


Randi said...

I miss my best good friend like crazy too! Just think, tomorrow when you wake up, it will only be 60 days till we are sittin' by the water, waitiin' for "Freddie" to come around with the next round! Love ya!

Olive Oyl said...

Baby #2?! SO EXCITING!

I HATED our old computer... it was years and years old and I got error messages constantly and it made me SO frustrated!!! I love how fast and efficient our new one is!

We have the same issue with keeping Swee'Pea up when Popeye works late... he gets up at the same time no matter what time I put him down, but he is cranky if I keep him up too late. But Popeye sometimes doesn't even get to see him all day if I don't put him down late! :(

Tiffany said...

Is that not the most adorable pic of Julianne??? Miss you all! Tell Shaun hello for me

bandofbrothers said...

yes a new computer is must.

good job losing weight! i will have to try that cereal because I always need a chocolate fix.

so sorry your hubby works so late. that is tough.

sending happy thoughts your way on baby #2:)

Sally said...

I wish we lived closer so you could be my inspiration to lose weight. Too many snacks in my house!!

#2?? Really? You can be my inspiration in that dept, too. =)

Amy said...

we too need a new computer. I say as I'm typing this comment on my iPhone. I just can't decide if I'd rather have a new computer I'd a new tv. Ours is a dinosaur.

Wow...number 2...I have to admit that we've talked about it, but there's something about actually writing it out for all the world to see that scares me!

Good luck with the weight loss!

Tim said...

This was a fun post. Keep up the good work.