Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the eve of our girl's 1st birthday

Shaun and I were thinking back to a year ago tonight. We felt nervous, anxious, excited, and so happy all at once. We knew that the next morning we would welcome our little girl into the world and into our lives. Even though it was scheduled, nothing could have prepared me for the joy of becoming a mommy. We are enjoying some time together this evening with our precious daughter and looking forward to celebrating her 1st year tomorrow (and actually for the next month).

The last video I am posting was taken last week. It makes me laugh. She is so funny when she gets tired and one night last week she was up really late and just started being silly. Doing handstands, shaking her new bells, chasing the dog around, and just being her. She is such a happy baby and we have so much fun with her. Enjoy this video of Julianne's "crazy time". Sorry it's so dark...our family room doesn't have enough lighting.

I'll be back tomorrow with the 1st year slideshow and a letter for my #1 girl!


Lacey said...

What ARE you feeding that child? LOL! Love the bells and how Maddie wanted nothing to do with them.

Sally said...

Mommy laughing in the background was almsot as funny as J shaking her thang. Love the headstands! =)

Tim said...

Thanks for posting this series of videos.