Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ever have one of those days???

You know the kind of day....the one where you decide to go out and run some errands and then after you're done just think "I should have stayed home"! That is my day today in a nutshell. We went out this morning to run some errands and just get out of the house. The weather was decent so I thought it would be a good time to get some stuff done. Our first few errands were without incident. Then came Costco.

Attention lady at Costco you not know the proper rules for when a new register is opened? You don't go from the back of our line to the front of the new one. The person who is next in our line should go first and so on. Apparently you have no manners whatsoever or are just so ignorant that you couldn't help yourself. Please find a new Costco to shop at because I don't want to see you at MY Costco ever again!

Seriously people, this is my pet peeve. It happens all the time....lines get long and a new line is opened. The next person in line (that hasn't unloaded any of their stuff onto the belt) goes next. What is the matter with people????? I did say something to her although not what I wanted to say because my daughter was present and I feel like I need to have some self control when she is around. If Julianne wasn't with me, the sparks would have flown and she would have seen my feisty side because that's just how I was feeling today, feisty! This all happened after my photo order was not ready in time and I had to wait 20 more minutes just wandering around Costco (I blame you, photo center lady, for the shirt I bought that I didn't really need).

What did I go to Costco for you ask? Bread. What did I checkout without....bread. I really don't know where my mind is (maybe it's already in Mexico). So, I realized I had forgot bread right when we were leaving. I asked the girl if I could go back in just to go buy bread and she said I couldn't take merchandise back into the store so I would have to go unload my cart and then come back in? GRRRRR. Julianne was very tired by this time and also needed lunch. I really did not want to do that so I went back through the exit and the guy there told me also that I could not take merchandise back into the store but that he would watch my cart for me while I went to buy bread. I had to switch Julianne to an empty cart, go buy bread and then switch her back to my other cart to leave. Oh, and the line by the time I got back to buy bread was 10 minutes. I was DONE!

By the time this was all done and I had the car loaded Julianne was getting a bit cranky and was just fussing a little. So I decided to try and cheer her up which means that I was singing New Kids on The Block at the top of my lungs (she loves their new CD and so do I). I apparently failed to realize that I was driving in a school zone (on a road that is normally 45mph) and before I knew it there was a cop behind me flashing his lights. OH yeah people, I got pulled over. I had no idea why he was pulling me over because I was just following a lady in a minivan on a 2 lane road and actually stopped at a yellow light. I really do drive safely when Julianne is in the car. He told me I was going 36 in a school zone and I was shocked. I totally forgot that there was a school there and I didn't realize it was school zone time (I thought it started at 3 and it was only 2:15). I apologized for speeding in a school zone and explained that my daughter was crying...ok, I embellished a little and used Julianne as an excuse...don't judge me! He ran my license which is squeaky clean and came back and said to "slow it down". No ticket, thank goodness! Who knows what the fine for speeding in a school zone is. I really don't even understand why there is a school zone there. The school is way off the road, no kids in sight. It's not a school that kids walk to houses anywhere near it. Whatever, at least I didn't get a ticket. Needless to say we came straight home after that and I won't be leaving the house anymore today. It's just not my day!

And because my mom has inquired a few times where some new pics are, here are some from this week. Mom, I hope this satisfies you until we see you in person on Wednesday.

This is the photo I call crazy hair waffle girl. This is what her hair looks like when she wakes up and she LOVES waffles!
A better view of the hair...I think it's a little Flock of Seagulls 80's hair band myself....

This is her new obsession....pushing her high chair all over the house
This is how she sits in her high chair....every time. It cracks us up! So lady like.

Look at those cheeks! I could just die!


Sally said...

I have days like that ALL THE TIME. Today, in fact. Mom was with me and had to keep reminding me to be nice since the boy was with me. That line thing drives me crazy, too!!

So cool you didnt get a ticket. We have school zones like that here, too...why oh why do they have stupid school zones when there is NO school anywhere around?!!

I'm jealous of your Mexico's supposed to be a blizzard tonight!!

Olive Oyl said...

Oh, I feel like I have had quite a few of those days lately. And on the Costco thing, I have actually had workers pull me from the back of the line into the new line... not sure why, but obviously I didn't argue! :)

That is weird they wouldn't let you go back in with merchandise!!! Especially since you had a receipt! Phooie on them. Last week when I was there (for one thing: bananas) I got to the front of the line with a zillion things but without the one thing I needed: bananas. This ADORABLE zillion year old man was behind me with like three things (including bananas) and I asked him if he wanted to go in front of me so I could go back and get some and he said, "Oh, you have a baby, I don't want to make you go back, just take mine and I'll go back and get more." I almost cried and gave him a kiss as he handed over the bananas and hobbled away to get more!

Hope your tomorrow is better... and just think, you'll forget all about this once you are in Mexico! Ole!

bandofbrothers said...

sigh. unfortunately every time i take all my boys out, it ends in misery. most of the time i don't even bother anymore. i just run errands when the hubs gets home.

cute little feet crossed!

andiscandis said...

Did you turn off the NKOTB before the police officer heard it? If he'd heard it, he'd have known that you were *rocking out* and it wasn't Julianne crying that made you speed.