Friday, March 13, 2009

Fugly or Fabulous?

We have our trip to Mexico coming up in less than a month (so excited) and I decided that I needed some new stuff for the trip. One of the things that I need is a purse/tote to take along because well, let's face it, my purse right now is a diaper bag and the purse that I am going to switch to for spring will be a sort of diaper bag but is really just a big purse but it is Coach and I'm not taking my Coach purse to Mexico. That was a really long sentence. Anyhoo, I was at Target today and I saw this yellow purse. Yellow is not a color that I wear because it just doesn't look good on me but I thought that maybe I can accessorize with yellow because yellow goes with alot of things (black, pink, red, blue, you get my point). It was on clearance and I bought it but I'm not sure if I am loving it or thinking it is a little obnoxious. What do you think? I think maybe I need one of those big chunky bead necklaces in yellow to go with (you know the kind that look kind of like bubble gum balls).

I haven't bought a ton of stuff for the trip or at least that's the story I'm sticking to on here in case Shaun actually decides to read my blog. :)
I did make a trip over to my favorite store the other day (White House Black Market) and did get a couple of things because I had some coupons to use.

I've been needing a cute white top and I liked this a lot when I tried it on. I think I can wear it with many different things and I like the little flowers:

I also got this top. The strap is removable so it can be strapless. I got a pair of dress black shorts to go with it that are so comfy.

I also thought I would need a dress for dinner one night on the vacation so I started trying on dresses. I absolutely loved this one. It is so cute and had pockets (love dresses with pockets). They were almost sold out of it (even though it was $168 - ouch!) and only had a size 4 or a size 10. I needed a 6 so the lady said "just try on the 4 because it will probably fit you". I gave her a yeah right look but decided to try it on anyway and it did fit. I then thought that I now wanted to buy it just because it was a size 4. After staring at myself in the mirror in the dress for a few minutes I decided that I could wear a dress that I already had and shouldn't spend $168 on a dress that I won't have that many occasions to wear. Can you say will power? I usually have none when it comes to this store.

After I tried it on I needed the sales lady to bring me a pair of capri's and she brought me a size 4. I started laughing hysterically and said "uh no, I'm bigger on bottom". That's how non-proportioned I am. 4 on top, 8 on bottom. What's with that? Pear shaped? I think so. Oh well, it felt good for a second to hold a pair of pants that was a size 4. Maybe someday.

The other major problem I am having is the swimsuit. I have one that is o.k. that I actually bought at Costco for $30. It is my sporty suit though for swimming with dolphins, para sailing, etc. and I'm looking for something cuter for lounging by the pool....and having no luck. Anyone else ever try on 20 bathing suits and not like one? UGH. I'm considering a "miraclesuit" that makes you "look 10 lbs slimmer in one minute" because 10 more lbs is what I'd like to lose so maybe I can look like I did until I do!

Speaking of losing weight, I seem to have hit a plateau. I lost 12 lbs in about 8 weeks and now even though I'm doing the same things....not losing any more. Anybody have any tips for breaking through that plateau? Please don't say no more cocktails because it is Friday and it's cocktail hour!!!

BTW, if you're looking for a lo-cal cocktail, try this. You've probably seen it if you watch The Real Housewives of New York City and if you don't watch it, you should because it is pure entertainment!

How was that for an all over the place post? I'm a bit frazzled today if you can't tell.

Happy weekend everyone!


Tiffany said...

Plateau....mix it if you elliptical...different weights, etc. You gotta trick your muscles. Also, it is just the name of the game...bummer! I am sure I will be plateau"ing" soon! I like the yellow purse...mix it are in Mexico! Plus in Mexico the colors are way more radical than you are still stylin!!
I am going to start P90X...dont know if you have heard of it or not, but it is supposed to smoke you!!

Mimi said...

I vote yes for the bag!!

Sally said...

Like the bag, love the clothes. And that dress is WAY cute, so good job on the will power! =) I have the opposite problem w/ clothes...I always need the XL for the top and a little smaller on bottom. Dresses NEVER fit me, or else I pop out of them. It's not a fun problem to have (actually, thought you ahd the same prob??).

I agree on the mixing it up. If you're eating the same as when you were losing, it's all about your exercises. Do you belong to a gym? have you tried water aerobics (I know, it involves getting into a suit - that's the worst part)? It's an awesome workout!! I'd also say step it up on cardio -- longer duration for a bit to see if you can jump start it, at least up until your trip (which I'm so jealous about!).

Unknown said...

Sally, I do have the same problem that you are referring too, however, my shoulders are quite slender compared to the rest of me so I usually can wear things that are small on top as long as there is room for the ladies. This means no shirts with "the line" as I call it or outlines for the ladies - know what I mean. Yes, I have this problem...the ladies have shrunk a little with my weight loss but not enough. :)

Sandra said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. We can fight "it" off together! I love the things that you bought! The yellow purse will be a fun purse for Mexico! You could even tie a ribbon or scarf or something on it to match whatever you're wearing! You will look darling!! xoxo

bandofbrothers said...

you're gonna be one hot mama, no matter what! how fun!

i saw the most adorable bathing suits at urban outfitters, but they were a little pricy. plus, i think i am boycotting swimsuits this summer. maybe next year i'll be brave enough!

Jenn Cav said...

I say fabulous on the bag! It'll be great for Mexico and even good to perk up a dreary Cleveland day! Glad to see your blog too. Julianne is adorable! What great memories you've made for her first birthday!

Little Wonders said...

Jenn, thanks for your comment on my blog :) I saw on your profile that you like Harlan Coben books. Love him. Have you read anything by Robert B Parker? He's my absolutely favorite author, and after I had read all of his books, I switched to Coben because they're kind of similar.

Mimi said...

Little Wonders:

Is Robert B. Parker the one who writes the medical mysteries. If it's the same person I'm thinking of, I just finished First Patient and loved it. It's my first for him, but I'm going to get more.

Amy said...

I think the yellow purse is cute and fun...especially for Mexico!

I'm with you on the "line"...I can't ever wear a shirt with one and am bugged when people do even when they shouldn't...