Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Shaun!!!!

We're going to formally celebrate Shaun's birthday on Thursday when we are in California with both of our families present...but I wanted to acknowledge Shaun's birthday today. We had a low-key day complete with tons of fun time with our girl and even a nap for Shaun (and watching The Notebook for me) while our girl was napping. It was a relaxing day. I thought it would be fun to show off my guy on his birthday.....

Here he is as at about 9 months old...this picture just made me realize how much Julianne does look like Shaun....uh, carbon copy!

Here he is at about 15 months I think. Love those chubby cheeks!

This is my favorite picture from Shaun's childhood. That's him in the middle complete with curlers in his hair (his older sister and cousin dressed him up like a girl)!

Go on with your bad self white boy...complete with rolled up jeans!

Here is what he looked like when I met him. Who wouldn't fall for this stud in that Driller uniform? Woo hoo!

Who wouldn't fall for those green eyes and that wavy hair?

He's the man I've been in love with for 18 years.

I adore him.

I love that he is so serious but yet will be as silly as I am in the right situation.

I love how much he loves his work. He is the most compassionate physician. He told me when I met him (at the age of 15) that he wanted to be a Dr. and that he had known that since the age of 5. I thought yeah, right. He was born to do it. I admire his ambition. I've seen him through everything....high school, college, medical school, residency, and now fellowship. I never understood the kind of ambition it took to become a physician, until I lived it. He truly loves what he does and I am so grateful to see it evolve. I am so proud, I could burst!

I love that he knows what I am thinking without me saying a word.

I love that my parents love him as much as they love me.

I love that we have so many memories since we have been together since we were 15. It's amazing how much has happened since then.

I love that I have experienced things I never would have experienced without being his wife.... like moving and leaving everything I knew to go someplace new, 3 times. We have so many amazing experiences and friends because of it!

I love that he would rather be with Julianne and I more than anywhere else.

I love that we have so many inside jokes.

I love that he supports me, no matter what I want to do.

I love that he made me a mommy and that we are sharing this journey of parenthood together. It is by far, the biggest blessing of our lives!

There are so many things I love about this man. Too many to list here. He loves me. He loves our daughter. He loves our families. He makes me happy. I love you babe and I am so glad to be on the journey of life with you!



Tiffany said...

Sooo neat...what a great birthday tribute. I must say that Julianne does look a lot like him when he was little. I love the way you talk about him.....I miss him so much that it hurts inside most days. Wish you lived closer!!

Sally said...

Aw, how sweet! you guys have a great story together! Happy birthday, Shaun!

Sara said...

What a sweet post. There really is something special about being with a person since high school, isn't there? Making dreams together, working and sweating for them, growing up with each other. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Tim said...

Great post, tell the old man hello!