Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Julianne's first 1st birthday party....

Well, party #1 is done and we had such a good time. I take Julianne to Little Gym every Tuesday morning and she loves it! It's a great place for kids to explore, burn off energy, and learn new things (and tricks...have you seen her headstand?) I decided to have her party at Little Gym since it is still cold here and we couldn't possibly have it outside at our house. We invited her playgroup friends and several neighbors and ended up with about 14 kids that were 5 and under. They got to play in the gym for about an hour and then we moved into the party room for cake. It was so fun to watch all the kids playing and running and just having fun. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

Here she is on the balance beam. It's a bit hard to balance with that belly pulling her forward :)

She loves to be up high in the air and it's a good workout for me!

Who doesn't love bubbles???

This is Julianne's playgroup buddy Hazel chasing our neighbor Andrew. She wanted to hug him so badly and she just kept chasing him around. It was adorable!

And she caught her man.....

This was our attempt to capture all of the kiddos in one picture. We failed but it is most of them.

The birthday girl and her daddy

Having fun on the air track

And a rare photo of the 3 of us

Hazel giving the rings a try

Our adorable neighbor Kendall jumping to her mommy

Tickles from mommy

Ball time

She was not very excited about the hat

Diggin' right in (she's a pro now)

She got one eyebrow with frosting so daddy added some to the other for good measure...

I'm not sure why I thought hot pink icing would be better than regular pink!

Who couldn't love that face?

The cutest mess ever!

The cake turned out great!

Apparently, she thought she looked pretty funny with pink stained skin!

My parents came all the way here for her party and my mom took the bulk of the pictures at the party which was so helpful because I could focus on having fun instead of on taking pictures. Here's one of the few pictures my mom was actually in instead of being behind the camera.

My mom took this photo as Julianne was watching out the window as people were leaving. It is my favorite picture from the day and quite possibly one of my favorite ever. It's amazing how a photo can just capture her personality so perfectly. Thanks mom!

A big thank you to all of our friends who came to the party - we had a blast! The only thing missing was my brother's family. They were planning to come and then had to cancel the trip because my youngest niece got an ear infection and could not fly. We missed you guys but we'll see you next month at her second 1st birthday party in Bakersfield! I promise this is the last birthday post until then......


andiscandis said...

Great pictures! It was a really fun party!

bandofbrothers said...

so sweet seeing daddy in all those pics! he's a doc, right? he seems very nice!

Sally said...

did that hot pink come out of everything??? =) Love all the pics, your mom did a great job!

Talia said...

aw sooo sweet! Your baby is one!! (Isn't it a bit bittersweet?) And she looks like she had a BLAST on her birthday-- I just love the hot pink frosting ones. hehe. Too fun.

How fun that you are coming to town! And oh I'm excited for you to get your shoot with Lorie-- those are going to be some great pictures of your adorable family, and I already can't wait to see them. :)

Olive Oyl said...

so adorable. she is so cute with all that pink frosting on her face!

oh, and I'm glad to see that we aren't the only family where we never get all three of us in a pic... I think I seriously only make it into 3% of the pictures because I'm always the one behind the camera! :)

Looks like a great time! You did a fantastic job! :)

Tim said...

How FUN!
Wish we could make it to the one in BK.