Thursday, April 16, 2009

The vacation is over.....and so is the blogging break

Well, we are back from vacation. Two weeks of seeing friends and family, a birthday party, a trip to Mexico with our best friends, Easter with the family and Julianne's first visit to Disneyland! I think our vacation made me tired! It was a wonderful two weeks and we are happy to be home. I have a multitude of posts to do on our vacation so I thought I would start off with this post (my 100th post). We spent some time with the fabulous Lorie for a family photo shoot. I've been reading Lorie's blog for a while and know a lot of people that she knows (you know how Bakersfield is). I love her work and I knew she would be so fun to work with. I was right. She is spunky, fun, and has some serious talent (and patience). We had a great time with her and oh how I love the photos she took!
Although our girl is normally in a pretty good mood most days, she was still on East coast time, had to be awakened from a nap to go to the shoot, and I made a HUGE mistake by not feeding her before we left because she got HUNGRY. It started out a bit rough because of the wind that day but we did manage to get a few cute pics at the first location.

Since the weather was so windy....Lorie decided that we needed a new location...something to block the wind perhaps. She immediately called one of her best friends whose blog I also happen to read to ask if we could come use the darling porch/deck in her backyard. Being the sweetheart that she is, Davi said yes and we rushed over to get some more photos. It started off great and then she got really hungry which caused her to have a few meltdowns. Davi offered up some food for Julianne which worked wonders and she was a happy girl again. Davi, thank you so much for allowing us to invade your home at a moment's notice. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person and the photos we got at your home (outside and in) are some of my favorites! Please tell your darling boys thank you for getting Julianne to smile!

As you can see by this last photo, she had had enough. We moved her inside to change her outfit and to feed her....after that, it was smooth sailing. Full belly = happy girl!

We then headed off to the field of wildflowers that was so beautiful.....I just love these photos. Exactly what I wanted!

Thank you Lorie. We will treasure these for years to come!


Randi said...

Welcome Home!!! Love the photos.....they are awesome and she is just so adorable in them!!!

Sally said...

yay! photos!! I've been waiting for these...they turned out great! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

lorieloo said...

wow your first post on your WHOLE amazing trip and they're my photos! I'm honored to say the least! it was such a fun journey of photoging with you that day. even with the wind and melt downs I had fun and am glad we stuck it out. and thank goodness for Davi's hospitality huh? We could have been up a creek! =)

bandofbrothers said...

oh, these are all sosososo beautiful! i was so honored to have been of any service whatsoever:)

you are a beautiful, gracious and wonderful family, and it certainly shows in these photos!

and my deck looks cool with the fisheye;)

Tim said...

So cute, next time you guys are on the West Coast, we need to get together.

Olive Oyl said...

so awesome!!! they turned out fantastic and I'm glad that your sweet girl survived the storminess of Bako. :)