Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mexico - Day 3

Well, day 3 in Mexico was not my best day. It started out fantastic. The guys took off to golf and Randi and I hit up the spa. We both had an 80 minute massage/facial. It was heavenly! We then lounged around by the pool for the afternoon and just relaxed. That evening we were to set sail on a sunset cruise. The cruise was included in our package so we thought why not. It should have been a clue to us that we left for our cruise at 5pm but the sunset wasn't until around 8:30p.m. It was a bit too......LONG.

It started off o.k. There are even some pictures of me where I look happy to be on the boat:

About two minutes after the above picture of Shaun and I was taken, it hit me. I was sea sick. Nauseous like I had never been before. I sat at the front of the boat and thought "how long are we going to be out here?" We were about 20 minutes into the trip. At one point, Shaun looked over at me and said "I think we should go sit somewhere else and I should get you a bag" (meaning puke bag). We got up and walked over to a different part of the boat where I sat in a chair. Shaun brought me a plastic bag and about 30 seconds later, I hurled. ALOT. I continued to hurl off and on for the remainder of our ride. At one point, I got up and with Shaun's help, moved to the back of the boat (supposedly the best place to be if you are sick according to one of the guys working on the boat) and sat there for the rest of the trip which lasted about 3 1/2 hours total. I was done after 30 minutes. You can imagine my misery. Actually, thanks to my wonderful husband, you don't have to imagine because he took pictures of me. I did not know he was taking these pictures, obviously, or Shaun would not have returned from the trip because I would have thrown him overboard.

That black thing I'm holding is a vomit bag. I filled 4 of them. Yep, 4. I have never been happier to get off a boat. The only thing I remember is looking at Shaun and saying "I never want a boat" because we have talked before about possibly getting one in the future. Uh, NO! The only great thing about the cruise was the sunset which I missed because I couldn't get up and it was on the other side of the boat. I can enjoy it now though, with pictures!
It really was a great day, except for this. We made the 10 minute walk back to our resort and I just wanted to rest a bit before we went to dinner. Shaun, Randi and James ended up dining without me that night because after I laid down, I couldn't get back up. I was still pretty nauseous and certainly didn't feel like eating. I drank a 7-up and went to bed at 9:30. I woke up feeling pretty good. Still a bit queasy but I was fine after I got some food. I do not recommend the four hour sunset cruise!


The Pifer's said...

OH MY, that sunset is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh you poor thing...I cannot imagine being stuck in hell like that. Leave it to Shaun to snap pictures, he should pay for that!

Glad it went away....