Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mexico - Day 4

Day 4 in Mexico was fun! We started the day by having a yummy breakfast and then lounging by the pool (and in the pool). Shaun and I were trying out our "Dirty Dancing lift". Uh, let's just say that I am no "baby". It wasn't pretty.

They were blasting the music so I also did a little dancing in the pool. This just proves my point that there is no place that you can't dance.

I also showed off my floating skills in the pool. Shaun and Randi were quite impressed with how well I could float. Sorry, no pics of that. Shaun could barely float at all (his butt sinks) but I can float for what is apparently a very long time. I learned it in swim class when I was about 7. I thought everyone could do it. Finally, something I can do that Shaun can't! :)

Shaun and James went for a little kayak trip out into the ocean. Randi and I wanted no part of that so we stood on the beach and took pictures of them and laughed.

After hanging out by the pool and the beach, we grabbed some lunch and headed off to our adventure of the day. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time....swimming with dolphins. All I have are the cheesy pictures that they took for us because we didn't want to get our cameras wet.
Shaun and I both have our eyes closed in these pictures because it was salt water and we didn't want to get it in our contacts. It would have been nice to have our eyes open but salt water in the eye doesn't feel so great.

It was a great adventure and something I'd love to do again someday! We went back to our resort to grab some dinner. We ate at the Asian restaurant on the resort and afterwards had no idea why we hadn't been eating there every night. It was sooooo good. Shaun and James ate enough sushi for about 10 people. I was impressed! Here we are after dinner in front of the restaurant:

After dinner we walked around the resort snapping some pictures at dusk.
It was "Mexican night" at the resort so they had some vendors there selling stuff and Mexican music. We took the opportunity to take our pictures:

After being silly, we got a little more silly. We walked over to the stage area where they do the nightly shows. I had to stop on the way over and take a picture on the caterpillar bush.
And the ping pong table......

Don't think I'm the only one who did it......we wanted to be price is right girls in our former lives!

I ran up on stage and had to do what I thought was a "good pose" at the time. If you are thinking that cocktails were involved in our evening, you would be correct.

Who wouldn't want to come back to this in the room every night? They made us fancy "petit fours" every night and we (and by we I mean Shaun) at all of it, every night.

We also came back to a different towel sculpture every night. Elephant, swan, and this thing below which I think is supposed to maybe be some kind of bird????

It was another great day in Mexico. I'll be back with one more post to wrap up the trip. I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we did on our vacation.

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Randi said...

Your recaps are making me want to go back....especially tonight when I have a child sick with strep and nothing planned for dinner. I could really use Felipe at my beck and call! For now, I will have to settle for James bringing home a greasy pizza.