Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overdue birthday wishes

Julianne wants to wish two of her favorite little boys a BIG Happy Birthday. We are late in doing so but that's because I have not been with it.
So without further delay, we would like to wish a very happy birthday to Julianne's cousin Luke who turned 1 on June 10th. Luke is coming to visit in a few weeks and we are very excited to see him (and the rest of the family too of course). I searched and searched for a picture of Luke and Julianne together but don't have one so this one will have to do. This is Luke and I at Julianne's birthday party in California in April. Tiff, we have some picture taking to do when you guys get here....I have none of the kids together!

Julianne would also like to give a big birthday shout out to Ben (my best friend's youngest). He just turned 1 on Thursday. Happy Birthday Ben!! This is a picture of Julianne with all 3 of Randi's kids. I love trying to get photos of 4 kids together...always fun. I love this one because Julianne and Ben look like they are reaching for one another (I think an arranged marriage may be in order for these 2)! Drew has a death grip on Julianne so she doesn't fall and Abbie is just smiling away! Come visit us soon Ben, we miss you!

Happy Birthday boys!


septembermom said...

Lots of happy birthday wishes to all those sweet kids!! Very nice post. Save this one to show them when they are teens. I'm sure it will produce a smile :)

Unknown said...

you guys are so cute :)

Randi said...

Thanks Julianne! Ben is practicing his walking a lot more now that he is a big one year old.....he is going to be ready to chase you all around when we come out there this fall! Watch out pretty girl - he is sure to be only the first of many boys to chase you!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Julianne! I miss you and cannot wait to run around the house and get into some mischief with you. You can show me your dolly and I will show you my dino, but let's not share because I don't like dolls and my dino is pretty special to me :)

Cousin Luke