Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My pregnancy so far.....

Well, many of you have asked how I am feeling so I figured I better do an update to tell you about this pregnancy so far. I found out I was pregnant on June 9th. Between 1 and 2 weeks later I began feeling pretty sick. Pregnancy does not seem to agree with me very well. I was sick when I was pregnant with Julianne for about 4 months. I think I only threw up once with her but just felt sleepy and nauseous all day, every day. This pregnancy, most days I feel really good in the mornings and then around 1p.m. it all goes down hill and I feel yucky. Then there are days like this past Saturday when I am sick ALL DAY. I have also had the pleasure of throwing up with this baby (about 4 times now).
I have a bit more energy than I had during my pregnancy with Julianne on days that I feel good. Shaun's parents have been here for the past week so we have been on the go almost everyday and I'm hanging in so far. We are taking it easy at home today and they leave in the morning. Shaun's sister and her family get here tomorrow evening so I'm hoping I can hang in there for another week of fun activities.
I had my first Dr. appt. this past Friday and met my new Dr. The Dr. who I had with Julianne has since quit private practice and I'm pretty sad about that because I loved her. This new Dr. that I am seeing was nice and I think I will like her...as Shaun said "she'll do". We have a Dr. appt. next Wednesday with the specialist where we will start all of our genetic testing, etc. I will have an ultrasound that day and then again somewhere around 15 weeks. Stay tuned for a multitude of ultrasound pictures (I think I had a total of 7 ultrasounds with Julianne). And yes, we will be finding out the gender. I never understand when people say they don't want to find out because they want it to be a surprise. It's still a surprise no matter when you find out and in my case it allows me to channel all of my OCD energy into preparing the baby's room. I'm not a big fan of gender neutral rooms (as you can tell by Julianne's ultra girly room) so I feel like I have to know. Plus, if this baby is a boy, we will have some serious shopping to do.
So what do you think? Boy or girl? I created a poll on the right hand side. If you believe in any of the theories here are some hints:
-baby's heartbeat has consistently been in the high 150's
-Chinese calendar says it is a girl
-I am a bit more sick this time around than I was in my pregnancy with Julianne

Happy guessing! I am just hoping for a healthy baby who sleeps well! :)


septembermom said...

I hope you start feeling better each day. I remember those sleepy, nauseous days. No fun at all. I wish I was good at guessing a baby's gender. I had a boy first. Then when I was pregnant with my second, I thought I was having a girl. No, another sweet boy. Third time around, I thought this is the girl, and then arrived baby boy 3. The fourth time, I was sure that I would have a boy again, and they shocked me to say that I was having a girl. All my pregnancy symptoms varied a bit too. So I wish I could make a good guess.

Samantha said...

I Hope you feel better- how exciting to find out the gender soon!! :)

Destiny Trevino said...

Thank you, Im hoping she does too it is very nice :).

I hope your sickness passes, mine stayed the whole 9mts with my son and I threw up more than I have my entire life with both pregnancies. But its worth it ;). Good luck!!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Oh goodness. I seriously have no idea. I never went by symptoms, but by just what my gut told me I was carrying.

Like you, I found out what my first two babies were and I said EXACTLY what you did about the surprise element being the same either way. I think I was kind of offended that someone might think I was spoiling a surprise by not waiting. Like it's anyone else's business, right? Then with our third we waited to find out. And whoa. Now I get it. But there should be no judgment in differing decisions. And we'll all be here to find out along with you whenEVER you do!

Hugs and congrats again,


lorieloo said...

oh my goodness I go out of town for ONE weekend and miss all the excitement! YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!!!! So excited for you guys!! Praying the yuckiness passes quickly! maybe you'll be a day or two late and have a valentines day baby!!

Amy said...

So sorry you feel yuck. That's gotta be hard while trying to chase Julianne around! I'm due Jan 12, so about a month ahead of you. I am really lucky in that I've had really easy pregnancies (so far!). I've been a little tired, but nothing too horrible. And I'm totally with you...I definitely want to know the gender! Hope you feel better soon!

andiscandis said...

Sorry you're barfing. That's the worst type of sickness, in my book. I've got the reverse issue this time.

I waited to find out with Hazel mostly because I hated being pregnant and looked forward to delivery with about the same excitement as I would chemo. I needed all of the light I could get at the end of the tunnel. But it sounds kind of bad to tell people, "the birth of my child isn't enough motivation for me and I need a surprise, too" so I just said, "we want to be surprised."

This time I'm probably going to find out, though. I'm too tired to worry this time and honestly I just don't give a crap.

Wow, I deserve a Mother of the Year award, no?

Mimi said...

Hope you feel better soon baby!!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I was constantly tired and nauseous with Reagan too! But I only physically got sick a couple of times. I found that as long as I would eat something when I started feeling even slightly queasy that it would help. Of course, it also helped me to pack on over 65 pounds!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

I think it's going to be another girl!