Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding flashback - part 2

I think we had about 4 days in between the time we got engaged and the time we left to move across the country. It was probably the busiest 4 days of my life. In those 4 days we booked: the church, the reception site, the florist, the photographer, the DJ, and the cake. I'm a girl who knows what she wants. I knew I would always get married in my church, the church I had gone to since I was 2. I also knew where I wanted to have my reception. The whole wedding date was dependent on the availability of the country club. They had an opening on July 10th and that was pretty much it for the months of June and July (and this was a year in advance), so that's the date we chose. We were well on our way to a wedding on July 10, 1999. I then had to pack up a great deal of my belongings (and by belongings I mean clothes because that's about all I had back then). My mom, Shaun and I set out on our journey from California to Virginia and needed to be there in just a few days. We weren't able to stop and see much but we did the best we could.
We of course stopped at the Grand Canyon And someplace called the Petrified Forest
I think it took us about 3 1/2 days to get there. It was a long trip. We made it in time to enjoy the 4th of July in Washington DC. There were so many people - it's a great place to spend the 4th of July.
Here we are on the lawn by the Washington monument (that's me, my brother and his dog, my dad, and Shaun is the one with the video camera)

We waited a long time (hours) for the fireworks to start (and they lasted about 6 minutes)
I got set up at my brother's house and Shaun made his way to Philadelphia to begin his Masters program. He was also applying to medical school and we were waiting to see where he would be going to school (and where we would be moving just weeks after our wedding). Most of the wedding plans from here on out were done over the phone and via e-mail. It's difficult planning a wedding from 2000 miles away. Thank God for my mom.
More on the way including the dress hunt, bridal shower, and bachelorette party (if I can find any blog appropriate pictures)!

Happy 4th of July everyone - have a happy and safe day!


Mimi said...

That road trip was so much fun!!

septembermom said...

That was a busy 4 days!! Lots of fun on that road trip. Thanks for sharing this memory with us. Enjoy the 4th!!

Tim said...

This is a fun series. Keep it up. Is that a LXA shirt at the Grand Canyon?

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

I bet that was awesome to be at the Washington monument for fireworks. We almost did the 4th at Mt. Rushmore this year (it's less than 2 hours from here) but decided our children were too young for the long, tedious trip. Plus, we were warned we'd have to hike probably 3 miles uphill with the three little ones in tow to see the fireworks and probably arrive back home well after midnight. Maybe we'll try again next year.