Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wedding flashback - part 5

Bridal Showers....they are fun. Especially when it's your bridal shower. One of my mom's best friends and her daughter (one of my friends) threw me a great shower. The shower was three months before the wedding because we had to have it on my trip back home. It was the last time I would be in town until just before the wedding. It was a theme shower called an "around the clock shower". Each person is sent an invite with a time of day to buy a gift for so if you get a morning hour you could get a coffee maker, and so on. It's really fun and makes for some fun gift opening (especially when you get to the late hours of the day)!
I was so excited for every gift. We literally had nothing and were starting a household from scratch.
This is one of the later hours. Thankfully it wasn't anything to embarrassing...my grandma was sitting next to me!

Me and my APU (Azusa Pacific University) buddies
I have no idea what we're all laughing at but I know we had a good time!

My mom and me
Me with my plate of bows (I don't think I broke any)!
Tired of wedding flashbacks yet? Well don't go anywhere because tomorrow is the bachelorette party (if I can find any appropriate pictures to post)!


Shaye said...

Hmmm, I've never even heard of an "around the clock" shower. That sounds like so much fun!!!


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Jenn, I have to tell you that your wedding story sounds so familiar to mine that it is crazy! I too went back home to SC from Canada 3 months before the wedding for bridal showers! And you remember that we got our bridesmaids dresses from the same place, right?
If only I had such a fantastic story to tell about my wedding gown... my story is more of a disaster. But it all turned out fine in the end.
Our anniversary is this Sunday (July 12) so be looking out for a post on my blog with all the the details of our wedding story as well!

septembermom said...

A bridal shower is such a sweet event when everyone works so hard to make the bride smile and rejoice! Great photos!

Rachel said...

That looks like fun! My husband and I had the exact opposite problem of starting with nothing. We had 2 households worth of everything. It was a horrendous mish-mash, but we've been slowly and gradually replacing things ever since.