Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding flashback - part 7

10 years ago tonight, we practiced getting married. We had a fun rehearsal filled with friends and family. We had a quick run through at the church followed by a fabulous dinner at a Mexican restaurant (our favorite kind of food). It was an evening filled with excitement and anticipation for what would take place the next day.
Shaun and his groomsmen waiting to get started My dad walking me down the aisle
My bridesmaids taking directions very well
Walking through the ceremony
Shaun with his best man on one side and our minister on the other
Me and my brother
Me and my mom
Me and my BFF (aka Best Good Friend)
Shaun and I (the last moment we saw each other before I walked down the aisle the next day)
They sat Shaun and I in the middle of the room and several people stood up and told stories about us and wished us well. It was so fun!
Shaun's sister giving her speech
My brother giving his speech (he cried, it was sweet)
A hug afterwards
Shaun then got up and read me the poem he had written for me that he had placed on the back of our wedding programs. He and my mom took care of the programs and would not let me see them. It was so lovely. My husband has a way with words. He writes wonderful things for me in every card he gives me.
I will share with you the poem that he wrote and put on the back of our programs.
To My Beloved
'Tis how I will always remember
the fateful day our eyes first met.
You were lively and impassioned,
a visage of beauty I'd never forget.
Drawn together like the moon and stars,
into a friendship destined to be forever.
One which has filled my soul with joy,
a friendship I will always treasure.
You are the grace unto me
which keeps me strong and full of life.
Together we laugh and we shall live
a companionship enduring all strife.
My mind shall never lose the day
I knew undoubtedly within my heart,
when at last conviction nestled in,
You and I will never be apart.
Our two souls dance together
in a beautiful ballet for two,
but it feels like walking in the clouds
when there is nothing but me with you.
The years, a testament to our courage,
and the strength of our dear love,
when the world said rain will surely douse
the fire burning within like the sun above.
The Lord has now prepared us
to begin two lives lived as one.
At last we will walk as man and wife
until our final threads are spun.
So today is our new beginning.
This is the adventure of my life.
And all that I may ever accomplish
I will owe to God for my loving wife.
Pretty great isn't he? I am a blessed girl. I haven't always known how blessed I am but today, I do. Tomorrow I will post all about our special day as well as a little something I made for Shaun.


Mimi said...

You are a blessed girl. Can't believe it's been 10 years. We love you and are so proud of you.

Tiffany said...

Love the wedding flashbacks! What a wonderful idea!

Your wedding was beautiful! I especially loved the song sang at the wedding by the couple singing Shania Twain, "From this Moment"....I remember thinking to myself, "I cannot believe how much they sound like the real people, and seriously I think better" :)

Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!

BTW, whe does Shaun have so many talents....."so bright, handy with tools, and poet???...geez"