Saturday, August 8, 2009

Amusement park fun

A few weeks ago we were in Southern Ohio for the weekend and we spent the day at a small amusement park. It's a really cute place that has a lot of kiddie rides, a pool area, batting cages, a baseball field, swings, a merry-go-round, jungle gyms, etc. Julianne had so much fun. She wasn't quite big enough for most of the rides but she loved looking around at everything and going on the choo-choo train!
This is the little roller coaster they have there. Julianne wasn't quite tall enough but maybe in a year or so. Railroad crossing
View walking to the park
They had a huge pond there and Julianne had so much fun looking at the ducks. We must have heard her favorite new phrase "see it" about 5000 times that day!
Swings are always a hit with this girl
Julianne and daddy by the merry-go-round
We sat on this bench and watched the merry-go-round for probably close to an hour. She couldn't get enough of watching it. We didn't go on it because it was going really fast and didn't look all that appealing to my queasy stomach!
This is what I call her "stink face". Daddy was disturbing her.
"See it dada"
I call this picture "weeeeeee". That's what she was saying. We were going about 2 mph!
Everything seems to be more fun when we have this amazing little girl tagging along. It's so fun looking at things through a child's eyes and watching them discover new things. We look forward to many more adventures like this one!
And here is a special treat...a video of Julianne watching the merry-go-round. This proves that our girl will dance, clap, and head-bop to any kind of music! Pause the music at the bottom and enjoy!


Kelli said...

What a nice outing. You should have waved if you passed Columbus! I love the new words that kids develop.

Unknown said...

I saw a comment you left on Mama Kat's today and I came over to say hi : ) Your daughter is ADORABLE! I love amusement parks for littler (yes, it is definitely a word : ) kids! I also love her stink face : ) She is so cute!

Amy said...

Her stink face is adorable!

Tim said...

How fun. I love the pict with Dad.

Stepfanie said...

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andiscandis said...

Is that King's Island Amusement Park? We've driven by there, but never stopped. Well, Brent went there as a kid, but I'm sure it's changed since the '70s.

Are you guys getting the Clinic's Cedar Point tickets this year? We're definitely skipping that one.