Monday, August 3, 2009

Tons of fun with gramma and papa!

I am so behind on blogging. I'm trying to get caught up now that things have settled down around here. Gramma and Papa (Shaun's parents) came to visit us a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time! We went to the zoo, Amish country (although I forgot my camera for that trip), a wild animal park, and many other places (Shaun kept us all entertained for the entire week they were here). We ate lots of yummy food and just had a good time together. Here are some highlights from their visit:
Here is our big girl strutting her stuff while out of the stroller

She was quite happy with the fact that we were letting her walk by herself

Julianne checking out the donkeys at the zoo Papa giving Julianne a better view of the flamingos
Papa lifting Julianne so she could wash her hands
Julianne did not dig the mister....
looking at the camels
we let her out of her stroller and she was off!
happy girl
looking at kangaroos with daddy
Julianne really into looking at something....
Julianne refused to look at daddy for the picture
Julianne and gramma
Julianne and papa
Daddy, papa and Julianne
Papa and Julianne enjoying the sunshine
watching TV with papa (and holding on to his thumb)

I didn't make the trip to the wild animal park because I was puking not feeling well that day. I'm actually a bit relieved that I didn't witness those huge animals getting so close to my new car!
One night, daddy thought it would be fun for Julianne to do handprints with finger paint. Julianne did not agree.
We managed to calm her down a bit and got a few though
She made gramma laugh alot with her shenanigans

Thanks for coming to visit us gramma and papa! We had so much fun with you. They were a huge help for me while they were here helping with bath time, keeping her occupied while I cooked, cleaning up toys, changing diapers, etc. It was great to see you and we look forward to your next visit!


Randi said...

So cute! It looks like you all had a great time!

septembermom said...

Julianne is one lucky little girl with all that love following her around:) Wonderful photos and a beautiful family!