Friday, September 11, 2009

18 weeks

How far along?  18 weeks

Total weight gained/loss?  I don't know.   I think maybe 3 or 4 pounds.  I'll find out on Monday at my monthly OB appointment. 

Maternity clothes?  I've worn a pair or two of maternity pants because my regular pants get uncomfortable after a few hours.  For the most part I'm lounging around the house in elastic waist pants!  I did unpack all my maternity clothes, washed everything and got everything hung up and put away.  They're just waiting for me in the closet.  

Sleep?  Sleep has still not been going very well.  I have been getting up 3-4 times a night to pee already.  I don't remember that happening last time at all until the very end.  Maybe the position of the baby is different.  I try to catch cat naps whenever possible. 

Best Moment of the week?  Feeling kicks...this baby is now making his/her presence known!

Movement?  Lots of little tiny kicks and flutters and one giant kick!

Food craving - we went to Cracker Barrell when my parents were here and ever since I've been craving Chicken Fried Steak.  I normally am not a huge fried foods fan but it has sounded good several times to me.  I actually have not been that hungry and have been forcing myself to eat three meals a day.  Any sugary cereal is good (fruit loops, cocoa puffs, and lucky charms are my favorites). 

Food aversions - there is nothing that I really haven't wanted...just haven't wanted to eat in general.  I can no longer stand the smell of coffee.  I am not a coffee drinker but normally love the smell.  Not now.  Yuck!

Morning sickness?  I haven't thrown up in 3 weeks now which is great.  I still get waves of nausea every once in a while but nothing like it was like a few weeks ago.  I think the worst is behind me. 

Gender?  We found out one week from today and I can't wait.  I feel like a kid before Christmas! 

Belly button?  In. 

What I miss?  I miss being able to have a bacardi and coke every once in a while and right now I miss being able to take cold medicine because I am sick and can't take anything!

What I'm looking forward to?  Finding out the gender and starting to plan the nursery. 

Weekly wisdom - ice cream is good for the soul!

Milestones- no more morning/noon/night sickness!  Hooray!

Here is the 18 week baby bump picture that I took this morning.  So many nice people have said "I can't even tell you're pregnant" or other awesome things.   That's really kind but I gotta say, I can tell!  Shaun said this morning "you are really starting to look pregnant now!"  I'm not sure if that's good or bad!  Enjoy your weekend everyone! 


bandofbrothers said...

you look great! so glad you are feeling better! can't wait to find out what you are having!

Amy said...

You do look great! I think it's kind of fun though when you actually start looking pregnant! Glad you're feeling excited to find out what it is!!

Okay, so why didn't I just say "echo Davi"?

natasha | sohobutterfly said...

Cute bump! You and I are due within a day of each other - I'm due on February 13th! I'm still waiting to feel movement, but I've been told I have an anterior placenta so I'll probably have to wait a little while longer. :o)

(Found your blog through Colleen Sherman's in case you're wondering.)

Lift Like A Mom said...

Awww :)Sorry you haven't been feeling good though. Have you tried Tylenol Cold or anything? Atleast you can take that.