Thursday, September 3, 2009

Children's Museum

We found a fun place to go here in Cleveland last weekend. The Children's Museum. It's a perfect place for toddler aged children and Julianne had a blast running around. Have I mentioned that she doesn't want help doing anything and doesn't want to be held or carried anywhere. Good times. She is our little independent girl. I think it's a great quality to have but can sometimes be challenging for me. She is a bit stubborn and strong-willed and I have no idea where she got that from (daddy). We headed downtown to visit the Children's Museum for the first time and I have a feeling we'll be going back again and again.

There is a big play room filled with toys, a big play set, a magic area, and tons of other stuff. I didn't think we would ever get her to leave this area.
There is a big RTA bus that the kids can drive. She wasn't interested in sitting at the wheel but was very interested in getting on the bus and walking through and getting off of it, about 50 times.
The kitchen area
She walked across this bridge about 100 times
and I followed about 100 times
On the other side of the bridge was the bank. Julianne got some money...
and promptly went back across the bridge to show grammy and papa her loot
Grammy sweeping the bangs (which have since been cut)
The water play area...she liked this alot. They have cute little raincoats for the kids to put on and stools for them to stand on. I think she would have stayed in this area for hours.
but then she got side-tracked
the soda machine was WAY more interesting
This is a picture of Julianne on TV. The kids can sit on the bench and report the weather. She was not interested in sitting.
Juice break
She thought the computer mouse was a phone. She kept picking it up and saying "Hi" over and over.
Note to self....don't leave Julianne alone with the new baby. I don't know where she learned this wrestling move but she had that doll in a choke hold!
She found a mirror and was in love.....with herself. Here she is giving herself a big hug
and a big smooch too!
She loved standing in this cabinet and closing and opening the door
then...she got tired
It was time to go after that. I was starving and when I get hungry now, I have to eat like right then. We went to Cracker Barrell - yummy!!!! A great morning at the museum watching Julianne play and a chicken fried steak with all the fixin's. It just doesn't get better than that!


septembermom said...

What a fun place with so much to do! I bet she would love to go there everyday. Your big girl is the cutest! You look terrific too:)

Amy said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that around here!

Mimi said...

It was such a fun time. Thanks for including us!!