Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A new addiction

Our girl has a new obsession. If you've read my blog at all, you understand her obsession with her dolly. She literally goes everywhere with us. Once in a while I'll get lucky and get out of the house without her but it doesn't happen very often. We've added to that mix. She now must have four of her stuffed animals with her pretty much at all times. The dolly, the bunny I got her for Easter, the Blues Clues dog Shaun's parents got her when they were here in July, and the newest addition, a dog we got when Aunt Randi and Drew were here. She's had all of these for a while now, but just over the last week, must take them everywhere with her. Upstairs at night, downstairs in the morning and yes, into the car when we go somewhere and in turn, into the stores we go to. Yes, I was walking around Wal-Mart and Costco yesterday with all of these animals in tow (they sit next to her in the cart). I try to leave without them but she looks at me with those sad eyes and says "bun" and "dog". What is a mommy to do? Maybe I'm a pushover but instead of refusing, I'm giving in because she is only little once and will probably outgrow this (I hope) very soon. Here is some photographic evidence of her new addiction:

Did I mention they have to sit with her to eat too?

And that she carries them all at once??

I have no idea where this addiction came from all of a sudden but am trying to enjoy it rather than be burdened by it (even when I have to go back in the house to get "bun" because we forgot him). Did your kids have any addictions like this and when did they give them up??


Gerri said...

How cute! My oldest had a Rainbow Bright Kitty that went EVERYWHERE from the time she was 18 mos until she was about 3. She wore the "fur" right of it's tail.

andiscandis said...

Hazel does that off and on, but she just grabs a bunch of stuffed animals and it doesn't matter which ones. My mother in law got her a tiny JanSport backpack and I like to pack that with random toys (and things that she likes to play with, but that are not toys). So now she doesn't like to leave the house without either her backpack or her purse.

Lift Like A Mom said...

So cute! Those pictures are just adorable :)

Joy said...

My daughter does the same thing! She doesn't always carry the same ones, but she always has to carry several stuffed animals or dolls with her. I need to get a pic of this. Your pics are too cute!

Amy said...

Hudson will occasionally need to carry all three stuffed bears AND the stuffed moose...but thankfully this is rare and he doesn't need them all the leave the house.

I think the only situation I might protest is the eating one...that could get messy!