Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today I am.....

Today I am.....

-thankful for the prayers of my blog friends for our friend who lost his wife Tuesday.  I truly appreciate each one of you.  Her family is hurting, please continue to pray for her husband, parents, extended family and especially for the 3 month old daughter she left behind who will never know her mommy here on earth.

-hugging Shaun and Julianne a little tighter and telling them how much I love them as often as possible.


-baking a casserole for dinner and a lemon cake for dessert.

-looking forward to Bunco and spending some time with friends tonight.

-excited that my mom is coming for a long weekend in a few weeks.

-waiting for a call from Shaun that he is on his way home (and wouldn't you know...he called about 2 minutes after I typed this).

-trying to catch up on my shows (my DVR was full this morning).

-obsessed with finding decorating ideas for the new nursery (my head is spinning).

-trying to decide which pieces of baby furniture I want so I can get it ordered.

-looking forward to our trip to California next month.

I hope you are having a good day! 


Mimi said...

Really missing you right now.

septembermom said...

I have to catch up on my shows too. You have so many exciting things happening. I'm very happy for you. I love seeing the ultrasound picture on your blog. Have fun decorating too!