Thursday, November 5, 2009

20 months

20 months ago today, my life changed forever. You entered the world and I knew life would never be the same. I wasn't prepared for how much I would love you, how much joy I would feel, how full my heart could be. I love each day spent with you and watching you grow into the little independent person you are becoming.
Mommy has had some rough days in the last few weeks figuring out how to deal with the fits you sometimes throw now and how to teach you not to hit me. It is challenging...I won't lie. But even in times when I am frustrated I know that you are teaching me....teaching me how to be patient, how to listen, and how to keep my cool when I am tempted to lose it. I remember during the challenges what a good girl you are 99% of the time and how easy you have made motherhood for me. In honor of your 20 months with us, here are some of the things that you are doing right now:

-You are becoming a daddy's girl. You get so excited when daddy comes home or when he is home to get you up in the morning or from a nap. When he leaves, you give him hugs and say "bye bye" and "see you" about a million times and wave with both hands while doing so. You love sitting on his lap to watch your favorite show and daddy loves it too!

-You are obsessed with "Jack's Big Music Show" on Nick Jr. It is just about the only show you like to watch. When I get you up in the morning, you start saying "Jack?....Jack?" and whenever the TV is on, you ask to watch it. You are now enjoying watching Ellen with mommy and you start dancing as soon as it comes on. You can now say "Ellen" and we have fun dancing together when we watch it.

-You love to put things over your head and play peek-a-boo. If I leave a sweater or jacket out, you find it and put it on your head.

-You have so many new words. You try to say something new everyday. Daddy and I don't always understand what you are saying but some of your new words that we do understand are "mo-mo" (monkey), "goat", "lamb", "kit kat" (kitty cat), "ring" (you like jewelry), "fower" (flower), "kie" (cookie), "poop", "peg-gin" (penguin), "whale", "fish", "bun" (bunny), "home", "socks", "pig", "nose", "ear", and "eye".

-You love books! You love your animal books and turn the pages while shouting the name of the animals. You always want to read about 10 books before going to bed. You don't always sit still for mommy to finish the books but you are getting better about that.

-You love to go places. Every morning when I dress you you say "bye bye?" and "shoes?" because you know if I put shoes on you, we are going somewhere.

-You hated having your teeth brushed and mommy just figured out this week that if I let you do it yourself, you love it! You do a pretty good job too.

-You love to do things for yourself and when I ask "mommy help you?" you say "no" about 90% of the time. You are determined to figure it out yourself.

-When you wake up in the morning or from a nap, you usually don't make a peep". You are perfectly content to lay there and play with whatever is in your crib with you. Thank goodness we have a video monitor or mommy would never know when you actually wake up.

-You are on the go all the time and don't stay in one place for too long. Every once in a while when you get tired, you will lay down for a few minutes on the living room floor. Sophie likes to lay next to you.

-You love to take baths. Every time we head upstairs you say "bath....bath". You never want to get out unless I offer to read you a book.

-You are tall. Most people think you are older than you are. You are also showing no signs of slimming down because you just gained 3 pounds in a month and a half. You weigh just under 29 pounds right now (no wonder mommy's back hurts)!

-You are a picky eater (like mommy). You do not like vegetables. You love macaroni and cheese, string cheese, beans, yogurt, waffles, chicken, crackers, and bananas. You don't try anything new if you do not like how it looks or feels.

-You pat our backs when you give hugs and say "awwwww" when you hug us or your dolly. You love giving hugs and are such a loving little girl. You take great care of your dolly and even try to feed her and give her juice now.

-You will still only drink milk if it is warm. You HATE cold milk. Mommy has no idea how to remedy this.

-You can make the sounds for a lot of animals including dog, cat, cow, duck, pig, goat, and horse.

-You HATE wearing things on your head. No hats. No hair bows. No hoods. I have no idea what that is about but am hoping you will change your mind soon now that winter is coming.

-You make us laugh about 100 times a day.

-You get cuter everyday!

We love you so much sweetie! Happy 20 months.


Gerri said...

What a great time capsule for your little one. The toddler years are so much fun. They are learning new things everday. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. I totally understand about the frustration thing too, we all go through it. And I felt the same way you do, I learned so much more from my kids than I think they ever learned from me. I think I'm still learning. Thanks for this lovely post. Have a great evening!

Amy said...

So fun! I need to do a documentation soon too...I feel like they change to quickly! I hope we get to see you when you're would be fun to let Julianne and Hudson play now that they are a bit older!

Randi said...

So nice to read - especially for those of us that wish that we could be part of your daily life! Love and miss you sweet little girl!

MsTypo said...

Hi, stopping by from SITS! :)

What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. :)

Sally said...

Happy 20 months, Jules!! Major and I thought of you as we celebrated 19 months over here. =) Of course, I don't have it together enough to document so well. =)

Unknown said...

That was a sweet post for a sweet girl.

just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

shaun said...

I love my girls! They are both very special to me and I would do anything for their happiness. And now, another baby girl on the way. I am blessed.

septembermom said...

So sweet to read this post. Your daughter is surrounded by so much fun and love. Just wait till her little sister comes. The fun is just beginning!!

Your blog always makes my heart smile:)

Mimi said...

I can't believe how much she's changed in just 2 months. Of course it warmed my heart when she said Gammy several times. Love her and you to pieces.