Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The first haircut

I just realized that I forgot to post about another one of our adventures while out in California - Julianne's first haircut. I had cut her bangs once or twice but her hair was getting out of control. This is what her hair looked like before we left on our trip: The poor thing is blessed with my hair - it is so thin but she does have quite a bit of it. Unfortunately, it grows in a mullet like fashion....thick in the back and on the top and not much on the sides. I decided it was time for a little clean up so I called my friend Shannon who cut my hair for years when I lived in California and we went in to see what she could do. I didn't want to cut any of her curls off because I'm terrified that they won't grow back. So, she just gave her a trim all over and made it look a little more even (AKA...less mullet like).

Julianne was not excited about getting her haircut. She isn't excited about anything that requires her to sit still for more than about 5 seconds. She was a little unsure about the whole thing:

Doesn't she look scared?
She started moving around and I think Shannon did about 80% of the haircut with her standing up
We thought she might think the water bottle was cool....she didn't.
What are you doing to me Shannon?
Good thing I wore my necklace to distract her....
I do not like this.....
I gotta get outta here!
It was an experience, that's for sure. I think the whole thing took about 3 minutes. Shannon had to work fast. Her hair looked much better after but she already needs another haircut. We may be doing ponytails for a while!


JennyMac said...

What a cutie pie!!!!

Amy said...

So cute! We went with Cool Cuts (Kool Kuts? Kool Kids? Kool Kidz? I don't know) for Hudon's first "real" haircut a few weeks ago...totally worth it for the Elmo DVD and getting to sit in the fire truck!

Isn't it funny how we're so reluctant to cut it and then we realize, oh yeah, that needed to be done and now he/she looks a lot better!

Merry Christmas! BTW, the picts Lorie took turned out really good! Love them!

Kitty Moore said...

She is adorable - I kept a lock of hair from Mia's first haircut!

septembermom said...

She did really good! You should have seen my fighting bunch when they went for those first haircuts. Not a fun memory for me :)

She looks adorable!

Merry Christmas Jenn!!

Iva Messy said...

SUCH a cutie!! Merry Christmas Eve to you and your beautiful {expanding} family ;)

AiringMyLaundry said...

Too cute. We need to bring Natalie in for a haircut but I'm too scared.

Excellent Parent said...

beautiful little girl!

Talia said...

she has the BEST faces... I just love her expressions!!! What a doll. I'm glad she survived her first hair cut! :)