Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sea World

I have some catching up to do. My intention was to blog while we were away but you know how that goes. I got sick the night before we came home and have been sick ever since so I am not quite together yet. I have several posts to do about our vacation and here is the first: our trip to Sea World. We wanted Julianne to spend a day with both sets of her grandparents so we all went to Sea World for the day when we were in San Diego. She loved it and had such a good time seeing all the "fish" and "birds". She loved all the shows and actually sat still through them. Enjoy the photos from our fun day at Sea World!

Watching the otters play with gramma
Daddy helping her see the dolphins
Trying to keep her occupied waiting for Shamu to start
I don't like my hood
Watching Shamu
Sitting still and enjoying Shamu
Petting sting rays
Watching sting rays (she didn't enjoy the petting and would rather watch)
Showing us the sting rays
It's right there!
I'm outta here
She found a stuffed dolphin at a store and wanted it. Not a problem when you have grandparents with you! She took off out of the store with it (after it was purchased of course)!
Fun with gramma
Watching the Sesame Street show
This is Shaun, Julianne and I waiting in line to ride the Elmo ride. It's similar to Dumbo at Disneyland and apparently it is to rough for pregnant ladies because I was not allowed to ride.
So, daddy and Julianne went it alone!
And had fun!
Trying to get a picture with Bert and Ernie (she was not into it)

Not willing to hug him.....
Chillin in the aquarium
Watching the sharks
waiting for a show to start
Waiting for the pet show (dogs, cats, pigs and birds OH MY)!
Julianne and I watching the dogs
Being chased by daddy
This is how she walked through every one of these archways. Apparently she thought she would hit her head (even though she wasn't tall enough to do that).
Running around like a crazy girl
She loved being out of the stroller and being chased around by all of us

Running from daddy
I'm free!
Walking with gramma
With all of her grandparents!
This picture cracks me up! Both of the grandma's trying to get her to look at the camera!
One of the best we got of the 5 of them!
The rest of them she looked like this
Or this....
Or this.....
The 3 of us with Shaun's parents
The 3 of us with my parents
The 3 of us (well, the 4 of us actually)


Randi said...

Looks like you had such a great time! I didn't think that she could get more adorable but she has proven me wrong! Just want to pinch those cheeks!!

Kelli said...

Sea World is on of my favorite places! It looks like you guys had a great time. I think that's nice that you have all the grandparents in the same picture.

septembermom said...

I love Sea World. It's such an amazing place! All the pictures are great. Jenn, you look so cute with your baby belly!!