Tuesday, January 5, 2010

22 months

22 months old today. Two months away from being 2. You are turning into a little girl right before our eyes. No longer our baby. You are becoming more and more independent everyday which is probably a good thing because one month from today you will become a big sister. This will probably be the last of your month posts before you turn 2 since next month we will be a little busy. I wanted to take the time to tell you what you are doing right now so we don't forget.

I'm not sure of your exact weight but if I had to guess I'd say around 32 pounds. You are wearing 24 month and some 2T clothes.

You have a new obsession. The movie Happy Feet. We tried it a few months ago and you didn't have much interest but now it is all you want to watch. Every morning when we come downstairs you say "penguin...penguin" and continue to say it ALL DAY LONG. Mommy doesn't let you watch it every time you ask because I want you to do other things like read books and play with your toys and use your imagination. You love to dance along to the movie and now have parts memorized and sing along with the penguins.

You loved Christmas and opening all your presents. A portion of our basement now looks like a day care center with all the toys. Mommy is hoping to get it organized soon and rotate toys. You especially love your new roller coaster that mommy and daddy got you. You have been playing on it non-stop when we are downstairs. Here is some video of you on it:

We took you out in the snow today for the first time. You were not walking last winter so you never got to go out in it. You liked the snow and learned how to say "snow" immediately. Daddy took a bunch of pictures of you:

And here is some video of you in the snow:

You are learning to count. You can say 1, 2, 3, 4, and then after 4 you always skip to 8. We're not sure why but mommy is working on getting you to 5. Here is some video of you counting the other day when we brought home your new fish. Daddy and I got you a fish tank for Christmas because you love fish so much. We went to pick out some fish the other day and ended up bringing home 4 goldfish. You like saying hi to them in the morning and telling them goodnight!

You love to read books. Grammy read to you every night while she was here and you couldn't get enough. I think you would let us read to you for hours. You also have to take a book to bed with you. Not just any book but a particular one, and it's different every night. You tell us no until we pick the right one. You are a girl who knows what she wants.

You love fudge and cookies. Mommy did quite a bit of baking over the holidays and you were all over the sweets (you get that from mommy).

You are a picky eater but you always want to try whatever daddy and I are having. You run up and say "bite....bite". You will try anything if we are eating it.

You do not like soda, except for grammy's Diet Dr. Pepper. You spit out Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, and anything else someone has given you to try but anytime grammy has a Diet Dr. Pepper you can't get enough of it.

You now sing along to movies and music and are getting pretty good at it. You are very musical and you've got quite the dancing skills. You will dance to anything and on beat too!

You get really frustrated very easily if there is something you want to do and can't. Your new thing is to hit whatever you are mad at and then say "ow". I am trying to teach you to ask for help instead of immediately getting mad.

You have bit your lip when falling twice in three days. You love to just go and don't really pay attention to where you are walking (sometimes you are walking forward but looking backwards). You are always on the go and full of energy!

Daddy and I love you so much. We are looking forward to the new things you do on what seems like a daily basis. There are big changes coming for you with the addition of a sister. We are a bit concerned about how you will react and I'm sure it will be a big adjustment for you but we know that you are going to make a great big sister!

We love you sweetheart - happy 22 months!


Bonnie said...

Your little girl is so cute & I see you have another on the way! I hope your last few weeks go well. I just had my baby boy on December 21st & I'm so sleep deprived, HA! My twin sister (Becky) is going to have her baby boy in just a few weeks too. We are so excited! I told her to sleep while she still can :P

Bonnie :)

Sally said...

Sweet girl!!! Major LOVES her rollercoaster video. He kept saying more more every time it ended, and we watched it at least 10 times! =) I wish we had a roller coaster! LOL

I can't believe baby is coming in a month!! I wish you lived closer so we could come visit and help and meet the girls. Boo. Maybe this summer?

andiscandis said...

Hazel counts 1,2,3,4,8,9 too! Must be something bad about those nasty old 5,6, and 7.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Ohhhhhhh, I've been wanting to get my little man that roller coaster. Soooo cute!

Randi said...

Oh my gosh....such the big little girl!! I can't believe it! Love the videos and the snow pictures! So much excitement coming for the sweetest little girl! She is going to be a wonderful big sister! Hugs and kisses! We miss you!

JennyMac said...

She is adorable jenn!!!!!!

Excellent Parent said...

LOve that header! Amazing~!

bandofbrothers said...

she really is too darling for words. i could eat her right up. and pretty soon, 2 little girls? i won't be able to handle the cuteness!

Mimi said...

We had such fun spending 10 days with her. It's so much fun to just sit back and watch her and I loved reading to her every night, except I won't be reading Someday to her again. That book is too sad and I can't handle it. Can hardly wait to see you guys again. Too many miles in between us right now. Love you soooo much baby girl.

shaun said...

Jenn and Julianne are precious gifts in my life. I love you both so much. Daddy