Sunday, January 17, 2010

The name game

What will this baby's name be? It's a question I get all the time now since finding out we are having another girl. Right now, I honestly don't know. When we had Julianne, we had a list of 3 names that we liked and we named her a few hours after she was born (yes, it took a few hours and all the hospital staff kept calling her "baby girl").

The three names we had then were Ava, Samantha and Julianne. I had let Shaun keep Ava on the list (because he loved it) but with much resistance because of it's popularity (I believe it was the #5 name that year and now is like #2). It's a beautiful name but I do not like really popular names. Can you guess why? My name is Jennifer. The most popular name of the 70's. There were always at least 3-5 Jennifer's in each of my classes. There are 7 Jenn's in a 2 block radius of where we live right now (and those are just ones that I know of). I like my name and I think it suits me but I always wanted a less popular name.

When Julianne was born I immediately told Shaun "she is not an Ava". He agreed. She just did not look like an Ava so we were down to Samantha and Julianne. I loved Julianne all along and I love that it is not on the top 100 list of names. We settled on it and I still love it and think it fits her so well.

Normally I don't share names we are considering with a lot of people because I don't always want a bunch of opinions. I figure if I share them now though, maybe my faithful blog readers will agree with me be completely impartial and tell us what you think.

With this new babe of ours on the way we've been discussing names since we found out we were having a girl. I started creating a list of names that I liked and it was quickly shortened by Shaun. Names that I loved that he rejected immediately included: Laney, Lyla, Libby, Aubrey, Ellie, Natasha, and Natalia among several others. Fast forward a few months to now and we have come up with a list of a few names that we both like but each having ones that we like much more than others.

I LOVE Charlotte. Shaun not so much. I love that name because it is old fashioned and I LOVE old fashioned names. It is not super popular (I think it is somewhere in the 50's on last years Social Security name list). I think that calling her Charlie for short would be incredibly cute. Again, Shaun, not so much. He says he does not like this name very much but I can leave it on the list. He also did not like Julianne when I first mentioned it...hmmm?

Samantha is still on our list. It's a nice classic name. My problem with it is that it was #11 on the popular name list last year. That's actually much higher than I thought it would be but I guess a good classic name will remain popular for a while. This is Shaun's favorite name right now. He would paint it on the wall if I would let him.

Others on our list: Whitney, Jocelyn, Noelle, Molly and Claire. We each like these although Shaun is not sure about another J name.

So there you have it. Our name list. One I love, one he loves, and five others that we both like. So go ahead and comment on what you think if you agree with me. Just kidding. A little. Did everyone else have this much trouble picking names for their kids? It would be much easier if he would just let me pick!


See Sherm Blog said...

CHARLOTTE! OMG, I don't think there is anything cuter than a little girl named Charlie. Eeeeek!

Good luck agreeing on a name. We were at a standstill until I pulled the "I'm the one having this baby" card. Worked like a charm. :)

Sally said...

Charlotte is my top pick, too. cute!!

Not sure about Samantha, only b/c it was a possibility for Jules, and how will baby #2 feel about having leftovers? Just a thought.

I also love Claire...and Molly is super cut, too. =)

Can't wait to hear your decision!!

Excellent Parent said...

Noelle I believe means "Beautiful girl from heaven!" That is beautiful!

We did Josiah, Ezekiel and Cyrus for the same reason. We are Jessica and Jeremy...popular much? She will have the exact name God has for her! Bless you!

Lacey said...

Ugh tough one! I love Ava but totally get the popularity thing (hence why we went with Reese) I totally think Julianne could have been a Samantha and if her sister looks anything like her (which I think she will) I think Samantha will be a good fit. My alternate vote goes to Claire because I LOVE that name.
You'll know it when you see her :) Can't wait for the big reveal in 18 days!

bandofbrothers said...

I love Charlotte!

andiscandis said...

Charlotte is the only name Brent has suggested so far! You just need to tell Shaun to go talk to him... he's on J5. ;-)

I wanted to name Hazel Molly but my friend got to it first. (And Brent hated it.)

I really like Whitney & Jocelyn, too. I'm picturing a little girl that looks like Julianne and Whitney totally fits.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good luck with picking a name.

I also like the name Charlotte.

Mimi said...

If you're not going to do the right thing and name her Samantha, then I choose Claire!!!

Randi said...

Love all of the choices....Charlotte is my favorite ( I could not talk my hubby into it after much trying!) I know that once you hold that beautiful girl, you will know what she is meant to be!

Amy said...

Okay, not reading other comments yet. I like Charlotte. Julianne and Charlotte. Cute. I like it better than Samantha.

Of the others I REALLY like Claire. Not necessarily more that Charlotte, it's just a name that I think is super cute and still classic. Julianne and Claire. Claire Senter. I like it.

Good luck! With Hudson my excuse for not naming him for 12 hours was that I didn't get to hold him. I'm not sure what my excuse is this time...we waited even longer! But naming a baby is hard!

Olive Oyl said...

I LOVE Charlotte!!! Think it goes great with Julianne.

I also love Claire. I love Molly (that was always the name I wanted for my future daughter...) but think Charlotte goes better with Julianne.

I have a prejudice against Samantha only because as a teacher I've had some nasty little girls with that name. Funny since I named my son a girl version of that basically... hmmm.

Anyway. I vote Charlotte!!!

What are your ideas for middle names?!

shaun said...


septembermom said...

I actually like Samantha and Claire. I also seem to like Celia these days. I named my daughter Jillian because I was looking for a "J" name that wasn't popular. So far, we've only run into a couple of Jillians. All my kids have J names. They call themselves the J Club. Good luck with this decision! I'm sure it will be a beautiful name :)

Tim said...

I am for Charlotte! It's a classic name. I didn't know anyone growing up with that name, so I don't associate anyone with the name, which is good. I have known some Samantha's and I am just not too fond of the name. Can't wait to hear what you and Shaun decide on. -Tanya

Seizing My Day said...

OK... having been born in the 70's with the name Jennifer too... I did have the same problem... I wanted less 'common' names... oddly enough ... though we tried to be unique... both our kids names ended up fairly popular the years we named them! Abby and Sammy! I too had a c-section and 8 days later 'baby boy' got my chosen name - daddy caved! Though I admit... I love the name Samantha! sorry! Molly is my fav. on your list! Once you see her little face... you will know! Blessings!

The Writer Chic said...

I like Charlotte better than Samantha, easily, but I LOVE Noelle!