Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mullet no more

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments about the nursery! I'm so happy with how it turned out and can't wait to bring our baby girl home and show it to her.

Thanks also for your comments on our names. It seems that most people are on "Team Jenn" and like the name Charlotte so thanks for that. We still have not picked one and probably won't until we see her. I have a feeling we may have to pick one of our alternate names as I feel strongly about Charlotte and Shaun feels strongly about Samantha. Or, maybe Shaun will cave in a moment of weakness after seeing me be cut open and let me name her whatever I want!

In other news, we took Julianne to get her haircut today. The kid had a mullet and while I was a huge fan of the Achy Breaky back in the day, I'm pretty sure it is not a hairstyle that I want my daughter sporting. We got about 2 inches cut from the back as well as had her bangs shortened. The place we took her to was called Snip-it's and is so cute. They have TV's at each station, animal cookies, and lollipops. We were expecting the worst after her first haircut experience which she hated but were pleasantly surprised that she actually seemed to enjoy it. The animal cookies were a big hit with her and a huge distraction. It only took about 5 minutes and she didn't even want to leave afterwards. She looks so cute with her new cut and there are still plenty of curls in the back. Here are some pictures:

not too sure about it
reaching for another cookie
getting a bow
This picture cracks me up. There was a little boy crying in the chair next to her during his entire haircut and apparently he was ruining Julianne's salon experience and it made her a little mad. Doesn't she look like she's growling? She can give some killer looks!
all done!
She so looks like a big girl now instead of our baby... :(
Me and my girl (please excuse my puffy face...I am officially swollen...everywhere)!
When the haircut is done, they let them go up front and put a card in this machine and it spits out a prize. Here is a little video of that:


Randi said...

Looks like such a big girl! Love all the curls and bow! And how dare that boy ruin her "salon" experience....I don't blame her for giving him the stink look!

Looks like you went to Snip Its. We have always had good luck there....a lot of distractions for the little ones! Can't wait to see you all soon! Hang in there!

bandofbrothers said...

LOL about her killer look. Too funny! And she is just darling, as ever! So cute sitting there so serious holding her baby doll.

Excellent Parent said...

aww haircutts are the sadest thing. She looks so cute!

Mimi said...

I LOVE the look she gave the little boy. I would love the freedom to do the same thing sometimes. Two years can get away with that but adults can't!

septembermom said...

She so cute!!! She's getting big :)

Excellent Parent said...

Hey, I have a Name that Photo contest going on. I do it every week. Come chekc it out! :)