Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to name a baby

It took us 2 days to name her. Pretty ridiculous. I had a name picked out. Shaun had a name picked out. Problem was...they were two different names. I wanted to name her Charlotte. Shaun wanted to name her Samantha. Neither of us wanted to cave. Shaun went to far as to start calling her Samantha while we were in the hospital. I responded by calling her Charlotte. Every nurse, technician and janitor that came into the room was told the two options and gave their vote. There were more votes for Charlotte by the way! I even considered filling out the name form when Shaun wasn't there (only the mom has to sign it). OK, not really..I would never do that but the thought did enter my mind.
After a day of back and forth it was pretty clear that neither of us wanted to switch to the other's name. Shaun does not like the name Charlotte. I liked Samantha but it just didn't feel right for her. We decided that we should probably pick a name from our other list of names that we both liked. We kept tossing a few around (Whitney, Jocelyn, Molly) but none of those seemed to fit either. Then we went to Claire. It was the name we were going to use as the middle name for Samantha. It fit her. That was her name. We settled on Elizabeth as a middle name because it is a name I've always loved. And so, just 48 short hours after she was born, I finally filled out the form to name our girl. We think it's perfect for her.

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Kelli said...

She's so sweet! I love her name. My mom didn't name me for a while either and the nurse told her that either she named me or Baby Richard (my maiden name) would be put on my birth certificate.