Sunday, March 28, 2010

Julianne loves the Easter bunny

We went to an Easter brunch this weekend that was hosted by the mom's group I am a member of. I joined the mom's group about 6 months ago and it has been so wonderful. They have great activities for the kids, a book club, mom's night out, couples night out, and many other wonderful events. I love it! It's been a great way to learn about events/places to go in our area and a nice opportunity to meet other mom's and also to get miss shy (Julianne) to socialize. This weekend was the Brunch with Bunny event. They had crafts for the kids, brunch, an egg hunt and of course, the Easter bunny. I was prepared for a fiasco like we had with Santa Clause (Julianne hated him and we weren't even able to get a picture because she was too busy screaming). It turned out to be quite the opposite and we had a really fun time!

Here she is right before we left the house. She's all dolled up and looked "pretty" according to her...I had to agree!
We ate brunch and by we I mean Shaun and myself. Julianne was too busy running around to bother with eating. She did take a break to get a drink though.
Those cheeks. I can't stand it. Seriously....TOO CUTE!
This is our dainty little daughter's newest thing. Sticking her hand in her pants. She does it ALL THE TIME and even sleeps that way now. I found it a bit less amusing and a bit more embarrassing when we were out in public for the display...

She also likes to stick her fingers in her belly button.
Here she is wondering how to bust out of that door and get outside
And here she is talking to a boy....and so it begins.
The Easter bunny came out and at first Julianne just admired him from afar.
She stared and stared....
She did get up the courage to go up to him. She was shy but willing.
She even sat on his lap. She doesn't look that happy in the pictures but I assure you she really liked it!

After the bunny, we all gathered in the kitchen so the eggs could be hidden (it was a bit too cold to do the egg hunt outside). The kids waited by the door with much anticipation. Julianne chewed on her bag.
And chewed on her bag some more.
They opened the door and the 20+ kids that were there made a run for it.
And the egg hunting began.....

This is Julianne stealing an egg from another little girl. She didn't quite get that you can't take the eggs from the other kids. She just ran around shouting "egg....egg" and grabbed them wherever she could.
She got really excited and clapped every time she put one in her bag.
She also decided to help clean up when the event was over.
And if you're wondering where Claire was the whole time...this is where. In the baby bjorn on me. She stayed in it the ENTIRE time we were there which was a couple of hours and just slept. If only someone could carry me around in a bjorn so I could sleep!
A great event and now I don't have to go to the mall to get her picture with the Easter bunny! Woo hoo!!!!


Kelli said...

How fun, and yes, those cheeks are so great. She is just adorable. And I have not forgotten your package...I'm going to the Post Office this week!

Brittany said...

"and so it begins" favorite part! :) too cute! She's so adorable, you better be careful!

I have a picture of Aidyn when he was a few days old with the Easter bunny... Aidyn looks cute, but this particular easter bunny, is ULTRA creepy!

Seizing My Day said...

you captured some funny pictures!! who needs mall pictures.... you have perfect Easter pictures!! =) Those are the memories you want to remember!~ She is a funny little shy thing!! I miss those younger days!
such a blessing that baby slept so long!

Allison said...

I love that she was helping to clean up...don't know where she could have gotten that from! Haha! Graedy is really good with a broom and a dust pan thanks to his Gram! (Barbara) Julianne does look very pretty, and I must say you're lookin' pretty good yourself roughly two months after a c-section! Love seeing what you guys are up to!

JennyMac said...

She could NOT be any cuter. And good for her for actually getting a pic with him. We took MiniMac to Disney just before he was 2 and he met Winnie and Tigger and CRIED his eyes out.

Mimi said...

I almost peed my pants reading the commentary!! She looks so big. Can't wait for some bonding time in May!!