Friday, March 12, 2010

Julianne's Birthday party

We had a birthday party for Julianne last weekend. Yes, I am a bit crazy throwing a birthday party just four weeks after giving birth but I didn't want our special little lady to miss out on a birthday celebration just because mommy is tired. The party wasn't until four in the afternoon so I had all day to get ready to get out of the house (it pretty much took all day too). I had to get myself ready, Claire needed a bath, Julianne had to be down early for her nap so we could make sure she was up on time and got enough sleep, I had to go get balloons and a few last minute items and get the birthday girl ready. We were actually on time for the party. I was amazed.

Shaun and Jules even had time to pose for a photo on the way out the door. Is she not the cutest in her polka dots and pigtails? To quote Rachel Zoe "I die!" We had her party at Playground World. It's a place that has those big play sets that people have in their backyards inside so that kids in Ohio have something to do in the winter! They also have some Step 2 toys for the littler kids. We had kids of all ages so it was great. The trampolines were a big hit! We had a lot of neighbor friends as well as some of Julianne's buddies from her playgroup that she's been in since she was just a wee one. It was a really fun time and boy did the kids burn off some energy!
Here she is getting warmed up on the slide. She almost ate it (daddy was supervising). Steven is looking at Shaun like "shouldn't you be catching her dude?"
Any swing is always a big hit with our girl
She is telling Shaun something in this photo but I'm not sure what

She loved the little playhouse. We thought about buying her one but the price tag was $449...seriously? It's plastic!
They had the same roller coaster that we got Julianne for Christmas. Hazel loved it!
Future pilot?
It's always fun to kick a basketball!
First time on a trampoline. She liked it!
I loved the cake. Polka dots you match her outfit. Yes, I'm a dork!
She likes to push things instead of riding in them...not sure what that's about.
She kept saying "bye....see you in the morning" and closing the door to the playhouse
Sliding's are creative!
The slides were probably her favorite part
Steven really enjoyed them too!
She looks a little scared in this picture but she really was having fun!
After we got home I realized I hadn't taken a picture with my birthday girl. So we took some at home
A kiss for my birthday girl. I can't believe she is 2 already!
This is a picture Shaun took the morning after the party. Doesn't she look hung over? That must be a sign that it was a good party!
Happy Birthday Jules! We love you so much big girl!


Seizing My Day said...

I love love the polka dots! cake and pants!! he he! enjoy these blissful times when they are small and you are tired!! they grow up so fast ! ;) Beautiful mommy daughter picture!!

Thanks for visiting my weird post today! I think the critters are fascinating !! I took the pictures long before I even knew what a blog was!! ha ha!

Just Jenn~

Gerri said...

Love that you matched the cake to her cute! Looks like she had a great time at her party. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

how fun! That looks like a neat place and I LOVE her outfit!! (and cake!!)

Allison said...

Glad you made sure to get a picture with her too...sometimes us mommies are so busy running around we end up with pics of everyone else, but not us! She looks like she had so much fun! What a great birthday party. I saw your comments on my blog-regarding picnicking outdoors-don't worry, it will soon be over 100 degrees here-I've got to get them in when I can! Sea World-no I can't believe they wouldn't let you on the Elmo ride when you were pregnant-that's just crazy! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Joy said...

Congrats on your baby turning 2. I love the cake!

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Oooh, I love the matchy-matchy outfit with the party theme! (P.S. That cake is nicer than my wedding cake! Julianne is a lucky lady!)